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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
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Back again.

This time I wrote a little piece about some religious musings. Tor is a rather unknown god specifically portrayed and fleshed out by one particular player in the game (as far I as I know) and decided Asher might try to learn about that god. Note that Asher already asked this noble to be his mentor and has learned a bit about Tor. The backdrop is a rogue region that is being peacefully taken over by Great Xavax, Asher's home Realm. Enjoy!

Somewhere In Aeng

Pondering the meaning of Tor, Asher walked past the lodgings of Arbiter Godric Tórrarin of House ka Habb. It was a tall building that once served as a temple of some sort. The details eluded him as his thoughts took up most of his attention. A deep frown depressed his young face and made his usually cheerful demeanor rather dim. He took short steps as his feet planted themselves neatly on the small yet soft sandstone tiles that made up the road.

''If Tor comes first and all is permitted in his name, and everything is permitted for family before Tor, does that mean kinslaying is ok..?'' The question vexed him. The word vex vexed him. Vex sounded so very much like Vix and he had begun to hate the Vix of the north. ''Tor surely hates the Vix, they try to destroy all I fight for and all that I fight for inspires me to heed Tor. Therefor, the Vix are enemies of Tor.''

The sparse stubble that had collected on his chin and throat sharp as he ran his hand along it. Eventually ending up rubbing his cheek before cupping it. ''But what if Family lives among the Vix, are sworn to the Vix. Do I then hate them and must destroy them so that Tor may fulfill me?'' Asher glanced at the Temple building. Envisioning the grim visage of Godric. The man had no time nor compassion for his uncertainties. Asher believed the man to be a tower made of granite, unwavering and unshakable. No matter the odds. The thought made his stomach flutter. He would be that strong one day. Unawares how he had straightened his back and how his shoulders squared as he was thinking all this.

''Boy! Get me those logs will ya?'' A crooked voice called out to him. Asher's radiant blue eyes spied out an old man leaning heavily on the door-frame of his house. A dilapidated structure if ever he saw one. Thatched roof with holes in it and populated with birds nests. Little swallow heads peeking out on the side. Asher raised his eyebrows as his face turned to the pile of firewood stacked under a little awning that the elderly man indicated with a bony hand. A mild yet sudden itch manifesting itself just under his right ear that he duly scratched. ''Ermm, yeah.. sure.''

With that Asher set about helping the time worn man and was promptly rewarded with more remarks that implied his young age and thus required deference to the old man. Such was life when the commoners had to be convinced to join your Realm, or so Asher thought to himself.