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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #15: December 09, 2017, 09:36:06 PM »
Been a while but damn, this has to be added. Massive kudos!

Roleplay from Alfhelm Sussex 

As Prince Asher and his entourage arrived in Highmarch an enterprising bard had already composed a song to mark the occasion and proceeded at a safe distance ahead of Prince Asher, singing the song and hoping he'd get paid for it afterwards. It was just unfortunate that Prince Asher's entourage wasn't quite as extravagant as the lyrics had anticipated:

(OOC: with apologies to Disney and Robin Williams -

Make way for Prince Asher
Say hey! It's Prince Asher

Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar
Hey you!
Let us through!
It's a bright new star!
Oh Come!
Be the first on your block to meet his eye!

Make way!
Here he comes!
Ring bells! Bang the drums!
Are you gonna love this guy!

Prince Asher! Fabulous sir!
Asher Renodin
Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
Brush up your sunday salaam
The come and meet his spectacular coterie

Prince Asher!
Mightiest sir!
Asher Renodin
Strong as ten regular men, definitely!
He faced the galloping hordes
A hundred bad guys with swords
Who sent those goons to their lords?
Why, Prince Asher

He's got seventy-five golden eagles
Purple peacocks
He's got fifty-three
When it comes to exotic-type mammals
Has he got a zoo?
I'm telling you, it's a world-class menagerie

Prince Asher! Handsomest sir, Asher Renodin
That physique! How can I speak
Weak at the knee
Well, get on out in that square
Adjust your coat and prepare
To gawk and grovel and stare at Prince Asher!

He's got ninety-five white Cathayan monkeys
(He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys)
And to view them he charges no fee
(He's generous, so generous)
He's got serfs, he's got servants and flunkies
(Proud to work for him)
They bow to his whim love serving him
They're just lousy with loyalty to Asher! Prince Asher!

Prince Asher!
Glorious sir! Asher Renodin
Heard Fontan city was a sight lovely to see
And that, good people, is why he got dolled up and dropped by

With sixty horses, hounds galore
With his bears and lions
A brass band and more
With his forty knights, his cooks, his bakers
His cats that constantly purr
Make way for Prince Asher!


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #16: December 10, 2017, 10:05:37 AM »
A small roleplay showing the initial meeting between Asher and his future in the south.

A New Banner

Riding hard at the head of the column thoughts raced through his mind. What to expect, how he would be received, how many would indeed follow him and if there would be any Sirionite assassins waiting for him. Some of the fears in there faded as he saw the Army move through Viseu.

''Wait here, I'm going in alone.'' Asher said in a clear voice. Captain Elvira frowned. Her horse did something similar as it kicked the dirt. ''Prince..'' A raised hand from Asher silenced her. Without further ado he spurred his mount on and down the slope of the gentle hill he went. Having donned his brightest tabard it prominently displayed the crest of House Renodin. The Rich brown background with the gold thread glittering in the dawn light.

The Southern Army's scouts and sentries were well aware of the rider that was Asher but seeing as how the individual didn't draw weapons and neither pose any real threat they simply rode out to challenge him. ''I am Asher of House Renodin, The Aegis of Former King Garas of First Oligarch, The Lord Vixir Daedalus and Chief of Commerce Alfhelm shield me.'' The words boomed from his throat yet still managed to capture a melodic quality. It surprised the sentries and scouts but while they had some initial doubts as to the lone Rider' truthfulness, those vanished as they saw a host of riders crest the hill behind the man and halted atop of it. Asher saw the expressions upon their faces and looked behind himself. ''Damn it Elvira!'' He cursed under his breath.

Willing the beast between his legs on Asher called out once more. ''I come in peace and seek the Lord of Highmarch I was told would meet me!'' Several hours later, Asher formalized his stay in Highmarch and thanked the Lord Mathias for preparing an estate as requested.

So the Imperial Prince of Dwilight, the Prince of Xavax, joined forces with the South.


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #17: December 17, 2017, 12:43:43 PM »

Welcome back, got another RP for you. It's one of those things we've all done or experienced I suppose. Looking at the sky and whatever your mind is thinking about, even without us realizing it, it presents to us. Enjoy!

A Moment of Peace

Leafing through the pages of various ledgers and piles of scrolls containing the words of many Nobles across the continent Asher pushed himself off from the table and leaned back into the chair he was sat in. His head turned towards the opened window on his left and beheld the sky. slugging and puffy clouds gently gliding along in one of the most tranquil processions ever put on display. Countless let not busy. It made him wonder if that's how he should see the stacks of correspondence and information sent to him. He grinned at the thought. Of course not. How could it? Those letters contained the thoughts of men and women, not raindrops. Neither were those thoughts tranquil in the least.

Feeling a wave of apathy wash over him he resolved to to take a break from it. Standing up and walking towards the window he let the cool breeze from the northern Scio hinterlands refresh his mind as it caressed his closed eyes like the water touched lips of a caring lover. Pushing his golden hair gently beyond the rise of his shoulders and along with it, pushing aside any worry that lingered among his thoughts. He let out a soft sight. His hands feeling the painted, wooden frame of the window. A wandering finger feeling a flake of paint poised to break way from the whole.

When he opened his eyes again one of the clouds stood out to him. Blinking, he tried to figure out why it did. It had an odd shape, like it was draped with long ivy or very extended waves reminiscent of a waterfall. White, pearly and long. Flowing under the careful guidance of the wind. His nostrils added to the image that was developing as it sensed the fragrance of flowers from below. Features started to appear in the could. A sensual curve down from the center bottom of it. Like a path that led upwards towards an outcropping of very smooth rock. A staging point but not quite. It transitioned into a soft field of cotton. Where some bunches were greater than others and all blended together in some strange sort of harmony.

Eyes appeared. Like green apples for some reason at first. Then they became blue and the rock outcrop conjured a smile. The cloud was looking at him and smiling. The waterfall that framed it morphed into golden curls that playfully framed the innocent and youthful face. Asher stood dumbstruck as he felt a tinge of a blush and uncertainty assail him. Was this sorcery or daydreaming? He look on. Marveling at the apparition of nature high in the sky. After a while a name came to him, Glory. It made him smile.

Returning from his musing Asher sat back down and resumed his duties. These letters won't write themselves after all.


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #18: December 22, 2017, 11:46:12 AM »
Hey there! Today I've got the beginning RP's of two potentially very important people. One is the Former Ruler of First Oligarch. A realm created from Sirion and promptly also crushed by Sirion. The Old King's daughter, Glory, is probably also going to be an important individual. Hope you enjoy it!

Roleplay from Garas Gabanus

Garas was sitting in his tent with both Goran and Glory, talking about the past, when suddenly a messenger arrived "Milord, the Prince has been sighted." A silence fell upon the group with both his children looking at him "Let's meet the Prince shall we,"  he said as he lips formed what could still vaguely be recognized as a smile. The scars covered much of this area as well and it was sometimes difficult to determine the exact facial impression, but the tone of his voice was slightly higher pitched as usual, indicating enthousiasm.

"Geline, Geline, where is she?" Glory suddenly started "Goran, help me find her, she has it, oh no, she has it and then he comes and..." she was stopped by Garas who placed his right hand on her shoulder. "Calm down my love, I never quite understood your affection to that commoner, but..." it was now he who was interrupted, "But pappa, she has the chainmail, she was getting it fixed first," she exclaimed still in near panic.

Garas moved his hand from her shoulder and to the back of her head, moving it as he placed a kiss on top of forehead. "I will make sure she's found," and he now turned to his guards. "Captain, deploy all men and errant boys, find me the commoner Geline and inform her to meet us at my tent, the Princess requires her presence with the present, go!"

In but a short moment the entire camp was filled with men running back and forth, but when Asher arrived, Geline had not arrived yet and so he was received by Garas, Goran and Glory. The latter in a beautiful dress, black, with the red of Oligarch sown into it. Garas wore a simple armor, ready to protect him, but the simplicity also added further contrast to Glory's beauty compared to his.

Meeting the King’s Daughter

The encampment of King Garas of First Oligarch was practical as it was impressive. The Old King had a personal perimeter of both armed men and simple palisades that separated him from the rest of the Southern Warcamp. Asher deliberately rode up to the entrance of it and stared the pair of guards there down. While not giving in, the guards recognized the insignia that Asher bore upon his chest, that of House Renodin. Asher’ body was clad in light mail armor fashioned together with studded leather and sturdy cotton. An ermine collar kept the wind from sneaking past the guard of his clothes, framing his face and added to the aura of quality that was on display. Fine leather boots tooled by hands belonging to an expert and flowing from his shoulders was a rich brown cloak. Thick as to keep the wind out and if required, could be wrapped around one’s arm and likely take a sword-blow.

Right behind him rode a young man, younger yet than Asher. Clad in the traditional squire’s garb and equally traditionally, carried Asher’s lance, shield and other personal effects. ‘’They’re expecting you, Sir.’’ One of the guards called out as both of them made way. Asher simply rode by them. By the grace of the wind, warring with the tent-flap, one could see how Asher dismounted in a fluid motion. The mark of a seasoned rider. Moments later he pushed the flat deftly aside and strode into the tent. There he saw the trio. King Garas,The Son Goran and finally, the Daughter Glory. Allowing precious seconds to pass as he looked all three of them it was on Glory that his eyes lingered longest. The Old King’s horrendous scars made him flinch but he hoped his quick transition from looking at one person to the next had taken away from his initial shocked expression.

Returning to his formal self Asher cleared his throat as he approached King Garas. Stopped at a suitable yet short distance he bowed gracefully. ‘’King Garas, it is good to finally meet you.’’ Speech stalled as he was once again forced to look upon the monstrously scarred man. The sight itself invading his imagination and robbing him of words. ‘’I..’’ He cleared his throat again. ‘’I’ve long awaited this moment and we’ve shared so many words already that you no longer seem a stranger.’’ Hoping his words came out right he turned his gaze to Goran and gave a simple nod of acknowledgement. Then he looked at Glory but didn’t want to look for too long, lest he be found inappropriate. He tried to catch her eye with his and made the tiniest of nods to her.

‘’Garas..’’ Using the legendary man’s name absent title. ‘’There is much to discuss.’’

So Asher met the Old King of First Oligarch and the man’s family.


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
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Letter from Asher Renodin   (24 days, 2 hours ago)

Wisdom and Knowledge will ever break the sword wielded incompetently.

Asher Renodin
[email protected] BM: Yxevarii Auru'in, Grandmistress [Ruler;Priestess-Inquisitor] (Obia'Syela-BT); Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in, Avenging Exile of Xavax, Countess of Slimbar (Redhaven-EC);  Masalu Auru'in, Linguistically-Challenged Sumerian Death-Cultist (D'hara-DW)


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #20: May 05, 2018, 10:12:58 PM »
Hey there! Battle RP incoming. Its about a defense the Southern Alliance executed of the border region of Bescanon. Next to the City of Perdan. Enjoy!

The Charge of Asher

Betrayal lay fresh among the memories, overshadowed only by the abdication of King Marcus of House Gottfried of Perdan. Tearing his eyes off the image that represented King Robb of Alara he beheld the fields before them all. Soon they would house the dead bodies of men and women rather than the sea of grain it did now. Standing among hundreds of Vixen, Perdanese, Alaran and even a handful of Highmarchian warriors, Asher could see the enemy in the distance.

Across from the burning and smouldering fields the armies of the north stood ready. In their haste to deny the enemy the benefit of looting grain, the Southern forces had attempted to set ablaze their fields. Time was not on their side. The fire burned haphazardly and flicked around wherever the wind deigned to blow. Straining his eyes he tried to make out the design on the single banner from Highmarch. Red and black with some sort of horse in Alabaster upon it. Nothing he recognized and it irritated him.

Lines of the enemy host began to ripple. Movement among their ranks. Smoke rose and fell from the fields. Blocking from view like a whimsical actress in a theatre with a scarf that which all wished to see. Formations arrayed themselves and began to advance. The Banners of Sirion prominent and Imperial among their lesser, Asher mused. The colours of Redhaven were present in force as were those of Nivemus and Shadowdale. What seemed like trickery became a surprise borne of efficiency. The northern armies congealed and created a broad front of intermixing infantry and archer companies of every size and shape. Just behind followed a small contingent laggards it almost felt like. Nothing distinguished them from the massed line in front. Except perhaps the massive retinue of the Master of Shadowdale, Lindow the Shadow King himself.

Armoured boots crunched the fire kissed stalks of grain. Stamping them into fine dust and ash. Cinders danced upwards with the commotion and created a twirling aura that looked as if the northern armies guided the flames themselves. Ever pressing on and leaving fire in their wake.

The southern army enjoyed its advantage clean. Having stationed itself along the fortification of Bescanon. Calls went up and master archers gave their best indications of range to their superiors. Asher glanced to the right and his eyes found Lord Smiddich. The Lord of Bescanon. That made him smile briefly. For as long as it took him to turn his gaze back to the oncoming enemies.

Arrows took flight. Defying the heavens in their soaring height. Plunging through the dark of airborne ash and soot they struck without warning. Pain crept into his eyes as Asher saw men soundlessly contort in agony. Arms flailing about or simply with mouths agape, absent words. Not that words would’ve been what he’d imagined though. Screams, horrible anguished screams. He saw them die. Slammed to the flame wreathed dirt, lifeless.

The North did not just receive. Their bowmen sang in kind and screeching arrows landed on the defenders. Without warning a young noble from Vix Tiramora was knocked off his horse. An arrow had found his shoulder and burrowed itself deep within the youth’s flesh. Leaning forwards in the saddle Asher’s focus redoubled. ‘’Where are you?..’’ The words under his breath.

‘’There!’’ Asher exclaimed as he spotted the Ink raven on Carmine of House Kinsey. His arm and hand pointing unbidden. Down went the man. A hail of arrows barraged the entire company of men that had stood under the raven banner. Its master, the Talon of former Xavax, Lionel, did not rise again that battle.

Companion Cavalry looked at their leader. Anxious to give their own charge but Asher held firm, waiting patiently. The walls held and the enemy was expending themselves mightily trying to overcome it. The fighting grew worse and more intense. The forces breathed together like mighty lungs. Flooding in and pushing out. The Kronogos of Nivemus fell. The target of black feathered arrows. Many more Nobles gained wounds and then, Asher saw his opening.

Looking back over his shoulder he raised his arm imperiously. ‘’On me!’’ His visor went down. ‘’Ride and leave none standing before us!’’ Heels kicked into the side of his steed. ‘’Ha! Go!’’. A stream of horseflesh among the ranks of marksmen and servants carrying baskets of munitions to sate ever hungry hands.

The Northern forces had sent their last retinues made up of infantry. They were scaling the walls or nearing enough to try and attempt the feat. ‘’Open the Gate!’’ Asher’s voice rang out. ‘’Open it!’’ the command boomed. Steady hands obeyed the words as eyes realized the game.  Clods of dirt took flight as the Companion Cavalry followed Asher through the gate. Fanning out to give body to their formation. ‘’There!’’ Asher pointed his light lance at the Golden Bird of House ka Habb.

The formation veered to the right with the fluidity of the water contained in a gentle mountain brook. A huff of wind caused the earth to cough a cloud of ember ridden smoke. The riders darted through with absolute abandon. On the other side, the men of Godric, the men of Torrenhall felt rather than knew the danger. In a moment that collected an age and condensed into a single heartbeat Asher leapt from the dark embrace of the cloud of ashes. His golden hair streaming with blackening soot. Eyes red and tearing up. Burrowing deep, the light lance of Asher impaled one of the Tórrarin. Lifting the big man off his feet and slamming him into another. The weight became unbearable and Asher released his grip on the weapon. His hand was without weapon for shorter than it takes to read these words. A fine and menacing blade replaced it. Drawn from its scabbard at the hip.

More ghostly Riders dove through the black cloud and brought otherworldly death with them. His eyes shot around. A tear ran down his cheek. Asher saw his old mentor. ‘’Godric! Godric!.. Godric!’’ The name intoned became a cry of war. ‘’Godric Fallen!’’ Hooves propelled Asher towards the middle aged man. ‘’Godric! Lesser borne!’’ The blade rose along with the hand. ‘’Godric! Unworthy of his name!’’ The blade flashed red as the fires drove the colour of blood through the air and it shone brightly off of the steel. Light was replaced with liquid, sticky and warm and the older man fell.

Seeing the servant of Tor fall among the rubble, Thomas of House Foxglove, Prime Minister of Sirion rushed to the rescue. The Scarlet Sentinels moved at his command. The ruler himself barred Asher from a second blow upon the prone Godric. Throwing his body in between. He caught the blow and blood was demanded from a second Noble victim. That was all the time fate would grant Asher as the world turned from very slow to very fast once more. ‘’My Prince! We must fall back!’’ The captain was right. The Companion Cavalry were being chewed up piece by piece. The few Lions beset by numerous dogs. Asher led out an audible growl. His eyes locked on Godric’s and he pointed the bloody sword at him. ‘’As you are on your back, you are below me. His name I claim now.’’ A fat clod of blood slid off of the tip of the blade and fell among the ashen soil.

With no small feat of horsemanship Asher turned his horse on the spot and rode back towards the fortifications. Arrows harried them all the way and none of his men escaped unharmed. The prince himself taking an arrow in the lower arm during the retreat.

The battle lasted until the sun gave up its duty to provide light and the archers could find targets no more. It was a victory for the south and the north never breached the walls. Not truly.


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Re: The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« Reply #21: May 06, 2018, 09:55:43 AM »
Welcome and well met.  A small Rp I wrote to illustrate the lull between potential battles. Enjoy.

Between the Battles

The sun rose as it did every day. Raining down its full brilliance in warm radiance onto all men and women. It did not care for the slaughter and revealed death just as gladly as it bathed life in sumptuous light.

Sitting on a small mount that overlooked the battlefield behind the fortifications was the Prince. Arms resting on his knees and plucking absentmindedly at the bandaging that covered his lower left arm. Seeing how the blackened battlefield had gained new stalks, not of grain but of arrows. Corpses strew all about. They were being counted by scribes followed by servants carrying little books. Upturning shields and digging up fallen banners trying to discern how many had fallen on either side and to which Noble house the fallen belonged.

Small rivers cut through the field of death. Crimson and brown. Crows harvesting the water from the eyes of deadmen and mangy dogs scurried about while fighting their own battles over the most succulent noses to rip from plump faces. Asher rubbed his face with his good hand. Realizing that tomorrow, it might start all over again.