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An Assasin's Life
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Roleplay from Corvo Attano
all nobles of Greater Xavax
Corvo geared up in his tent. Light leather armour covered his body and beneath it were black clothes. He checked his belt, making sure he had all his equipment. Satisfied, he put on his mask and turned to the tent entrance.

It was dawn, and Lord Corvo had explicitly requested all reports to be delivered to him at dawn and dusk, so Captain Chinote Honada began her walk to his tent, papers in hand. "My Lord, the reports." She said as she entered the tent. "My Lord, may I inquire as to where you are going?"

"Put the reports on the desk and prepare the men to reinforce the market square." Corvo ordered as he continued exiting.

"As you wish, My Lord, but where are you going?" She pressed, hoping for an answer.

"Hunting." He said.

Corvo swiftly moved through the camps, arriving at a building. He had ordered his men to stack some crates in a stair like formation at the wall facing his tent. He tested their strength, pushing down firmly with one hand. There was no give, and he climbed up.

Corvo had been sneaking through the settlement for the better part of an hour, looking for lazy bandit soldiers. Not the dogs of Alara or Minas Nova, but peasants stealing, murdering and taking advantage of the regional chaos. Finally he found two, wearing padded armour and using pitchforks as weapons, talking.

"Did ya hear tha boss has a deal with a litel band ta deal with tha Zavacks?" One of them idly said.

"He wot?" The other asked.

"Yah, a deal a betta equipd band to kill them Fenix-undead-lich bastards." The original speaker informed his fellow.

Corvo shook his head and sprinted from cover, coming behind the original speaker and slitting his throat. He unceremoniously cast the body aside as he lunged at the one, grasping his shoulder and pulling him in as he thrust with his sword.

The blade went clean through the bandit's sternum to the hilt. He gave a shocked gasp when the cross guard hit his chest. Corvo drew his sword from the dead man, his body falling to the ground.

"This is my life now." Corvo said, no hint of remorse in his voice as he looked at his bloodied blade.

Another hour of sneaking around rewarded Corvo when he found a group of three more bandits drinking and laughing around a fire. He studied them for about a minute. They were drunk, lazy and off guard. The time was now.

They, like the first group, barely had time to registered the attack before one of them died, Corvo's blade stabbed through his back. Corvo removed it from the bandit and slashed to his right, slitting the second bandits throat.

The third had drunk less then his friends and drew a sword of his own, stolen from an abandoned manor. He struck at this masked assasin, hoping to kill him. Corvo blocked the downwards slash with the flat of his blade, supporting it by placing this hand on the flat near the tip.

Corvo kicked at the bandit, landing a boot in his crotch. The bandit dropped his sword and fell to his knees in pain. Corvo swiftly stabbed him in the back.

Job completed, Corvo returned to the Xavax camps.
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