Author Topic: The disappearance of Hildebrand Blackthorn  (Read 362 times)


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The disappearance of Hildebrand Blackthorn
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RIP Imre, you shall be missed. In Vix I took a spin at turning your disappearance into something IG rather than an OOC event, let's see how we do with others weighing in:


Jang was bent over a desk at her field camp in Winkamus, writing, when her scribe Leopold cleared his throat.

"Get out of her Leo, can't you see I'm busy."

Her pen kept scratching. Leopold knocked on the desk beside her.

"Damnit man, I'm penning a letter to the Vice..."

"I know m'lady, it is the Vice Marshall I am here about. They say he's disappeared. Disappeared entirely."

Jang's eyebrows came together in confusion. "Disappeared? You mean deserted? I can't imagine such..."

"No m'lady. Disappeared disappeared. One minute he was there, one minute he was gone. His troops swear he vanished into thin air."

"You're not here on a bet? Not here to play a joke? You're serious?"

"When would I ever play a joke on you?" he asked, his face innocent and upturned.

"Well, last week I recall a certain liveliness and mirth when a pair of live frogs appeared in my stew. Two days before that..." Leopold held up his hand to stop her.

"Obviously I have no idea about any of those things, m'lady, but I am glad you appreciate them so. But truly, Hildebrand is gone."

"Witchcraft, it must be. Ride to see Archibald, see what he makes of this. We must get to the bottom of it."