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Sentry designation
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From the description on wiki:

This is a defensive designation and is helpful for alerting you to enemies in the region. Your men find ways to make themselves more hardy in combat using their knowledge of the lay of the land, creating additional makeshift armour and other things. This increases their defending combat strength by 10% and also requires 20% more gold to pay them, and additional time is required to move from region to region. They also suffer a morale loss when outside of their realm due to uncertain knowledge of outside lands.

This unit designation is most applicable when you will remain in one region for some time, such as while on a tournament.
it is unclear what exactly means:
This increases their defending combat strength by 10%
Does it mean that CS is increased by 10%:
a) only for battles where unit is fighting within the borders of home realm on DEFENDER side,
b) for all (offensive and defensive) battles within the borders of home realm,
c) for all defensive battles regardless of they are fought within the borders of home realm or in foreign lands (just in case of being in foreign lands unit will suffer moral loss)?


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Re: Sentry designation
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Without looking at code (since I don't know this either), I'd say this one could be easily discovered by actually trying it out?
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