Author Topic: Sink the Colonies  (Read 30722 times)


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Re: Sink the Colonies
« Topic Start: June 25, 2017, 06:36:54 PM »
I dunno two realms have been helplessly roflstomped to death recently, there was a crappy imbalanced war in the south that would have resulted in a third if i hadnt surrendered, pretty much cant sneeze without risking the wrath of an invincible alliance. its a pretty bad situation.

Two realms stomped to death recently? We've just lost Minas Thingamewhatsit, there hasn't been another one recently (depends on your view of recently I guess). Plus, Minas Thingamewhatsit's demise was assisted by the very poor diplomacy as many realms involved in the conflict tried to give the realm a way out and each time had it thrown back in their faces...

Outer Tilog will be downsizing soon. I don't like other realms feeling they need to go along with us (as I didn't like it when Lukon was in an even more powerful position in the past (which brought about the Senate and various self imposed rules on the Island).

This time next year, I'm sure we'll be complaining about someone else being a dominant realm, but we'll deal with it as we have done before and ensure the Colonies stay fun for all (who want it to be fun)
WARNING: Outer Tilog is different...