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Re: Sink the Colonies
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Outer Tilog a power? Man, things have changed. The only things I remember from it are nearly dying again and again, and requiring Tom's intervention to prevent that (townsland as capital).

Realms rise and fall. Sometimes many times. I don't think any realm on the Colonies has a geographical advantage, not a major one at least, the continent is pretty round, the cities pretty diffuse. If a set of realms dominate, it's because they've got the manpower and the know-how to do so, and so their position of power is well deserved. Especially if said realms came from so low.
Yes, many realms rise and fall as the time goes on.

Or they were spared by the south, then formed a super alliance with Lukon Portion Wetham and InnerGiblothica or whatever to roflstomp and destroy Minas Thalion while Oritolon kept Aren busy. Actually pretty lame.
If only a new ruler in Minas Thalion replacing Cathal, then maybe MT had chance of survival. My character kept hearing the same old same old reasons, Portion just want compensation for militia killed by MT while MT army on its way to fight Wetham. While Lukon joining in support of Portion. And when Portion say why MT just want deal with them alone, should have put all involved parties/realms and talk together. Just admit some wrongdoing, move on and rebuild, perhaps MT could have survived just doing that. Maybe even make full use of old Ash Ketchum himself, as he seems to have friends all around, much more influence than you give him credit for ;)

The difficult part about MT and Wetham war was it is due to Wetham old King assassin second character(before second character was removed from islands change). And with MT and Wetham lands being far apart distance from each other, anyone from MT or Wetham must go through Portion lands in order to get at each other :o

On the last part about Oritolon keeping Aren busy. Oritolon just want claim Abaka region from Aren in the name of its previous King, my character. Which we done successfully thanks to no less of military talents. We managed to break through up till Warmanoras before Aren bounced back from shock and awe, and restock militia at Irdalni, which caused pretty stalemate all around for both realms :(
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