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Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Topic Start: July 05, 2017, 10:27:50 AM »
[hedger on]my first attempt, sorry if I suck[/hedger off]

"- I don't know about that. Angmar has a lot of land and people talk this sorcerer is really a wizard." - said the barber, applying foul smelling mixture to Virth's hair.
"- Bob, tell me this - how many enthralled daimons protected Angmar cities? How many daimon overlords were banished from their lands by an act of angry goddess?" - replied Virth.

Bob the barber only shook his head and forwned.

"- Doesn't matter. Perhaps your goddess really is real and your new cult really is right, and your people magic really is true or truer, but it doesn't matter - might matters. Might and might alone. Sorcerer of Angmar shown great might and established an empire of his own almost overnight, whereas your priests lost their only city, their capital even despite it being allegedly protected by enthralled daimons." - Bob stated.
"- Oh, you're insufferable!" - Virth exclaimed - "There were really huge, freakish, terrifying daimons, docile as sheep, nothing alleged about that." - young Myrion looked at his new hairstyle taking shape and continued - "And about that nonsensical might tirade, let me tell you a story."
"- Is it one of the anecdotes where you put yourself as one of the characters?" - barber interrupted.
"- A story about an amazon, a warrior and Virth Myrion." - Virth Myrion said, pretending he didn't noticed barber's remark.
"- So it is one of those stories." - Bob said with a sigh.

Virth coughed two times theatrically and proceeded with the story:

"In a serene village there was an amazon, she was as beautiful as she was famous and famous she was for her beauty. A warrior and Virth Myrion once were enjoying a stroll, arguing who is a finer man, when suddenly they noticed the amazon training with a quarterstaff. They decided to make a bet to settle their issue. They bet that whoever would be able to take off the breastplate of the amazon would win the bet and would have to be officialy recognised by the other as a finer man.

They agreed that the warrior should go first and the warrior charged at the amazon without any warning, hoping to surprise and tackle her. The amazon just sidestepped warrior's attack and tripped him with her quarterstaff. The warrior rolled for a good couple meters with his momentum. The hassle continued for a couple of minutes but warrior was simply outmatched by the amazon. She hit him with her staff continuously and the warrior was forced to yield and withdraw with his bruised body and bruised ego.

Next was Virth Myrion. The warrior mocked him, saying that since even he couldn't wrestle the breastplate off the amazon, Virth will certainly fail. Virth just gave the warrior a disturbed look thinking that even the most primitive people he known had much higher standards of proceeding with women. Couple seconds later Virth was standing next to the amazon, who just continued to practice with her quarterstaff, paying no attention to him. Virth complimented her technique and... continued to compliment her technique for another ten minutes. Later he started talking how much respect he has for strong women. Later he started pointing out how beautiful scenic place she chosen for her practice spot. Later he gone back to compliments noticing that the amazon is in really good shape. After almost an hour of talking amazon finally paid attention to Virth and charge at him in what Virth thought was an attempt of attack, but instead she took his hand and dragged him towards the lake.

The warrior followed them a little while later, couldn't find them though. The only thing he found was the amazon's breastplate laying on the bank of the lake...

Virth grinned sheepishly and summed up - "and that, my friend, is the thing with perceived might and it's true nature."

The barber signalised that he's already finished with his work. Virth stood up and admired his new long blue braids on the sides of his head and long dark ponytail on the back. He smiled content.

"That'd be five gold coins." - Bob the barber said and the smile slipped off Virth's face.
"Whaaat?" - he said surprised.
"Come on, blue pigment is extremely expensive, I had to buy it from the finest painter of the royal court." - Bob said.

Virth deliberated for a while and paid the barber. He then decided to head off to the closest inn, to see if his investment would pay off.


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Re: Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Reply #1: July 05, 2017, 05:00:04 PM »
Hey there!

Never doubt yourself. You wrote that piece and you felt happy about it and wanted to share it. Take heart in your own pride and let me be the first(?) to encourage you to keep up the good work.


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Re: Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Reply #2: July 11, 2017, 08:22:56 PM »
I love Virth so much
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Re: Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Reply #3: September 01, 2017, 03:38:54 PM »
Boom! Virth's dead. Such big plans for such a fun character were put to an end by the undead champion. Oh well.


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Re: Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Reply #4: September 01, 2017, 07:05:59 PM »
Did you use stealth when fighting that champion? If so super rip! :(
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Re: Virth's unbelievable exploits
« Reply #5: September 05, 2017, 03:50:41 PM »
Boom! Virth's dead. Such big plans for such a fun character were put to an end by the undead champion. Oh well.

I hate it when that happens!

Does explain why Virth suddenly no longer replied to me
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