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Get your character art!
« Topic Start: July 19, 2017, 12:14:41 AM »
It is a wonderful thing to see your character drawn to life. I first encountered the artist after he posted a doodle of drizzt to the 5e forum online and contacted him after being impressed with his work. In short order, he understood exactly what I wanted done and churned out a sketch within a couple days. I figured that all of us BM players would love it, so I worked with him to put this pricing thing together. Please forgive the poor resolution. The forum can only support relatively small data files and I had to cut the original down to 20% of its initial size. Idk about getting upfront discounts, but it may be possible if you tell him Selenia or JeVondair from Battlemaster sent you.

If you decide to use his services, i would love it if you shared the results here! Best believe I will be commissioning more from him in the near future!
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