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Re: New Player Experience
« Topic Start: July 25, 2017, 03:32:12 PM »
I've been sending a big OOC introduction message to every new player (in BM) that joins one of the realm I am, for a while now. I must say that not a lot of them actually reply.

I've been getting the feeling that many, as already said, log in a few times to get a feel of the game and then just never return.

A more convenient way to get all relevant data new players need in their first day or week is exactly what we need. And that's exactly what this topic was created for:,7627.0.html

We have Tutorials (2 actually), but they are horribly outdated. Gildre did an amazing job in starting with spoken video tutorials, but since he does not have the time for BM right now, that project is stopped. Actually, I've been thinking about what kind of other format we could use to update the tutorials.. Click through? Topic based? ..? Feel free to chime in.

I've also been looking at the wiki (the Manual: ). But it's just one big mess/chaos and I don't know how to start structuring it. It's text based, so always difficult to visualize things. But if you have an idea how to sort these topics better, make it more attractive to people, please let us know (or just do it? Not sure who has access to edit those pages).

It's a great initiative, JeVondair. There's only a handful of new players that actually stayed and now turn out to be loving the game. I understand that it's not for everyone, but we can surely help improve the means to learn the game in a more enjoyable way.

Feel free to discuss, give feedback, whatever. I'm more than willing to invest on this.

Indeed, many people, myself included, have made it a point to contact every newbie, whether IC or OOC or both, for at least some period of time. It might help, but to me, it didn't really feel like it had much of an effect on retention.