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Silenus - a present from Zane
« Topic Start: August 18, 2017, 09:41:07 AM »
Roleplay from Zane Ilwaukim   (15 hours, 19 minutes ago)
message to all nobles of Outer Tilog
"Mortimer, is Silenus too drunk or not drunk enough?"


"You're right, he's still semi-conscious.  Therefore not drunk enough.  Mistress Blüdyknückles!  Fetch that crate of bloodwine brandy we distilled last month and send it down to Silenius."

One day later...

A flock of imps flies over the southern fields of Irdalni holding some kind of crate, as they fly over low they temproarly block the sun, to the satisfaction of the Satyr band.
As if the air it's self had become fresher, the man straightened their backs and smiled, the darkness nostalgically reminded them of home and youth.
Just as the imps flew halfway they dropped the crate under a swarm of maniacal laughs, falling right on top of a few of Silenus' men.
Some of the men helped the wounded while most of the others pointed and laughed, some couldn't control them selves and actually fell over on the ground laughing.

Silenus turned his donkey around as to check what the fuss was all about, his number 238, as he called this particular specimen was only with him for several days now but already seemed to be at it's final hours.
Heavily breathing, it's crooked legs where trembling under the massive weight of it's master taking several minutes to turn around and walk all the way to back of the 29 men group as a skinny captain kept beating it with a twig.

"Mh, mh mh, wh-what *burp* do we have here!" he said as he attempted to rub his triple layered chin.
The crate appeared to come from Lord Zane and said: From Tilog with hate.

"Ah! wine! hand me a bottle there soldier!"
He said as saliva was dropping from his mouth.

"And YOU!"
He suddenly yelled at his captain.

"Keep beating that donkey!"
The captain assumed it was beating the donkey to walk faster which apparently wasn't at all the case here.
The Satyr band relaxed, took out their instruments and started playing an uplifting song, part of the famous Satyr band festival repertoire.
Some of the men pushed a peasant prisoner forward starting to beat it joyfully.
There was enough brandy wine in that crate to keep the lot of them busy for at least a day.

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