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Corvo's Execution
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Dawn, that was when he was to be executed. The first rays of light beamed into his cell. Corvo's breath came ragged. Dull the pain my ass he thought as he remembered the warhammer shattering his kneecap. The guards escorted him to the headsman' block in Castle Ubent. Corvo looked at the crowd, his mask hiding the pain across his features. Executor Chester Barret gave some speech about laws. Corvo didn't really care, the pain numbed most of his mind, the few moments of perfect clarity he had were filled with sadness. Sadness for Xavax, sadness for his parents.

And sadness for his sister.

At least the Executor's sword was quick and clean.


Aria sat at her desk in her tent, still wearing her plate armour. She was reading the morning's letters and reports when a servant came in.

"M'lady, a letter has come from the East. The messenger mentioned Sir Corvo Attano." He said.

She was ecstatic, the last time she had heard from her brother was a feast he had setup the night before she left for Dwilight.

"Thank you, you are dismissed." She said. The servant left the tent.

The letter bore an odd seal, one of a fox. She wracked her brain, unsure of what family used a fox seal.

Vix Tiramora. She remembered now. It was confusing for Corvo to send a letter from there. To her knowledge, he had always been loyal to Greater Xavax.

She opened it and starting reading aloud.

"Viscountess Aria Lucchesi Attano, per request of your brother, we regret to inform you of his execution for..... what?"

She was confused. Corvo? Dead? Then the grief hit her. She buried her head in her amoured hands. Dead?

She picked the letter back up crying.

...execution for criminal acts.

She couldn't read the rest. Tears blurred her vision. Anger burned in her heart. Someone will pay.
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Re: Corvo's Execution
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