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Re: Gotland
« Reply #45: December 22, 2017, 11:56:25 AM »
But seriously, Gotland isnt dead at all.
It's not the most active realm in the game atm, but there are lots of things happening, and with all the changes made over the last half year or so, it will hopefully always stay a volatile place.
Every noble has the right to war and may demand so by holding a referendum for example.
It has a special veto right elite called the longbeards that consist out of the three oldest members of the realm.
Dukes can manage region claims and apointments as they want, Gethsemene duchy allow lordships to be challanged by duel for example.
Gotland founded it's official religion and will be holding their first anual festival Daimonalia soon, a great oportunity for fun and absurd roleplay oportunities, which will go with a tournament.

It has some intresting characters with an executioner of daimons worshiping a massive foot who recently executed Jomorosh remains/soul none or the less and now a string of daimon worshiper ring leaders, Ballantine is also famous for holding entertainment shows giving away free wagons to all common atendees.
An ever charming 123 old lady that is famed to have the longest beard in the world, which is considered very atractive by Gotland standards, the longer the beard the hotter.
Our grim Manstomper/General is very ambitious and keeps the army activley managed, a true startegist in mind and heart often in contrast to his ruler.
And then theres obviously is Thesseus ;)
We do need more idiots and absurd characters, Thesseus can be obsessive, dilusional and manic at times, but it isnt enough.
We need some lunatic that wants to challange anything and everything and would even march against the very seas to claim victory.

From the last parts of the invasion thill now i believe by far the greatest battles have been fought by Gotland and allies and mostly in and around Gotland.
Gotland was the centre of the last daimon activities, bordered directly against Spearhold and attacked right after Jomorosh got killed and executed by Gotland's new epic enemy Angmar.
With Angband, Angmars colony destroyed Gotland fought and destroyed two realms within our own lands within the last few months alone.
The area around Gotland is also promising as it is close to three new realms in Beluaterra if you also count Angmar.
Lots of potential for more action or conflict.

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