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Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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Lost the ones I've had on the Maya visit to Avengmil, so this is shamelessly taken from Goriad II RP thread. Sorry John. :P

The arrival of Empress Maya of the Shatttered Vales

All day servants had been running around in the Lord's estate in Avengmil. Farmers brought in additional food for a feast, servants running around with the decorations. Goriad II had even ordered a group of peasantry to make a flag resembling the family crest of the Tandaros family, a serpent mingled in itself with black and purple. It had been finished just in time and he had it hang behind the head of the table and placed the Gabanus family flag next to it, the Wolf, as he often saw himself as well. It was perhaps the only part of the Gabanus family which he truly liked, the only sense of belonging to what destroyed his childhood.

The dining hall in Avengmil had not yet been used under Goriad II's rule and for a long time people wondered why he had it built in the first place, but as they finished with the preparation it actually looked like a proper hall. Jarra had joined him some time ago and seemed to be in her element, much more than Goriad II. She had brought him a present, a set of blue gauntlets to which she was met with a rather surprised look from Goriad II. Normally he would have scolded anyone who did that, but for some reason he did not wish to offend Jarra and her gift. "Jarra, I do have gauntlets, I just chose not to wear them. I made the mistake of growing arrogant and misunderestimated my opponent, a mistake you can never make. My wound should have never been visible to start with, the old man has more spirit than it seemed. But I think they would look beautiful on Sigmund,"  he said as he turned to his trusted advisor. Sigmund could not reject his Lord or the lady and graciously accepted, as far as he was graciously that is. "Now, if you one that bring that coat you proised me, I shall gladly wear it,"  he said now smiling "Now, let's go meet the way, this is important Jarra, Lady Rania nearly begged me that we use her titles when we address her. You know how I think about this, but we shall honor the request for this one time, I expect the same from my inquisitor."

As Maya arrived at the estate, located near the south of the region, Goriad II rode out on horseback to welcome her, followed by Jarra. "Empress Maya, I have heard the greatest of stories, please be welcome to Avengmil. I have a nice trip in mind." Although Goriad II had promised Rania, he refused to wear some highly ornamated dress like those pompous court nobles as he saw it. So now he war his black wolf cloths, with the wolf heads on his shoulders and knees, covered by the dark brown cloak he prefered to wear, hiding whatever else he carried along with him, but loose enough to hunt in properly.

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet   (19 days, 12 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Jarra couldn't be more excited to meet Empress Maya. She begged her marshal to allow her delay the refit in order to greet their most august guest. Returning from a campaign her wardrobe was limited, so she chosen a simple green tunic with highly decorated blue cloak and leather gloves with dried cornflower ornaments meticulously embedded in the seams. Shortly after visiting Goriad and helping with the preparations in the dining hall the Imperial Honour Guard could already be seen approaching from afar. Lord Goriad turned to Jarra and said:

"Now, let's go meet the way, this is important Jarra, Lady Rania nearly begged me that we use her titles when we address her. You know how I think about this, but we shall honor the request for this one time, I expect the same from my inquisitor."

Jarra demonstrated a perfect deep curtsey, and ansewered in a lowered, nearly pious voice: "As you wish, Your Imperial Highness." ending her performance with a self-satisfied smirk.

They rode out to meet Empress Maya on the way. Jarra, perfectly aware of courtly conduct, allowed the host to greet the guest first, then waited for Empress' response when finally it was her cue she bowed her head ceremonially and greeted Maya, saying: "Your Imperial Highness, it is both an honour and a pleasure to meet you. I hope you will find our humble lands most welcoming."

Roleplay from Maya Tandaros   (19 days, 10 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in the region Avengmil (4 recipients)
The white horse carried on at a steady parade march, Empress Maya riding atop in her black lamellar armor, a long violet cloak, with her black hair braided elaborately. The Honor Guard marched steadily with their shouldered spears clinking on pauldrons. Their liege looked around keenly, quiet, letting Capt Gunnar bark orders at the unit as she astutely surveyed the surroundings. Avengmil was pleasant, southern country.

Ahead, at the gate, the Empress came upon Lord Goriad and Lady Jarra. "Break!" she shouted at the unit, the front of the box opened up allowing her to ride out ahead of the Guards and greet her hosts. "Hail to you!" she said to the two, dismounting and approached the gate. "I am Empress Maya, you are Lord Goriad, I presume?"

The Honor Guard approached and presented themselves in a line. Gunnar took her steed away back to the line, all dogfaced grunts maintaining a straight and professional gaze.

Moving to the fort
"Hail to you!" she said to the two, dismounting and approached the gate. "I am Empress Maya, you are Lord Goriad, I presume?" He nodded shortly  and replied: "Empress Maya, please call me Goriad II, my titles are of no importance in this world, just my actions. Please follow me milady, I wish to show you something before we feast. Tomorrow we can hunt if you would like to accompany me." He rode out followed by both Maya and Jarra. He took them slightly further south to the bridge which connected Avengmil to Ardmore and along the road they spoke about small things, but as they neared the bridge a structure could be seen from some distance.

"It is nearly ready," Goriad II said to the Empress "A Motte and Bailey just behold the bridge, a tower positioned so for the archers that they can fire on anything entering from the south while they're still crossing the bridge and if they swim our walls will protect us further. I look forward to testing it soon, but there is something I want to show you,"  and as they approached the gate, the signiture Wolf carvings were still clear decorating the entire entrance as he had designed for the pallisade. The gate opened and the company entered the structure, but Goriad II did not stop and rode on towards the higher tower.

When the company finally arrived at the tower, they saw nothing but a huge piece of cloth covering a large section of the tower. "Lady Rania kept telling me of the battle in Ete City and your heroism, and we all know of the fall of Keffa." He dismounted his horse and helped both Maya and Jarra dismount as well and once he did he waved to the peasant and the cloth fell. Now it became obvious what he had intended to show. The entire front of the tower had large wood carvings in it On the left it showed a large city and a great many soldiers, flags of the Shattered Vale both on the walls and on the shields of the men. Then flames, daemons and evil creatures depicted on the right side, some killed, some fighting with the soldiers. "The slaying of deamons should always be shown, for when they return all the world must know how it was when they came before, and return they will if we fail."

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet   (18 days, 17 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
"Oh, how splendid!" - Jarra clapped her hands several times excitedly - "I've read about the battle in Ete City, but my imaginaiton failed to depict anything quite so graphic."

She then turned to Maya and politely enquired - "Empress Maya, what do you think? Does it give the reality justice? I would love to hear the story of your magnificent battles."

Roleplay from Maya Tandaros   (18 days, 7 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in the region Avengmil (12 recipients)
“Amazing,” Empress Maya gasped, gently touching the part of the carving depicting the explosion in the city. “The blast that consumed the Demon Lord Akkan and Rania was extraordinary and terrifying. For a moment I thought we would all die, everyone in Beluaterra. It was as if a sun rose out of the Earth itself. A cloud rose after forming a strange mushroom shape, and I still remember the uncanny silence that followed.” She turned around to see her host listening keenly, so she carried on.

“Your grandmistress and I have gone way back to the days of the kingdom of Melhed. We fought side-by-side in the Wars of Ice and Sun. Brutal hand to hand combat going back and forth in the forests for years. It was not entirely surprising that Rania decided to stand her ground, though I was surprised she seemed to disregard the order to pull out. I now see it was for a greater purpose. It was such a relief to receive news afterwards that Rania had not died, But was transported, or reborn in Keffa. The rest, well, you know.“

Maya continued telling the assembly random bits of history from D’Hara, Kindara, Melhed and the Vales while they inspected the machicolations. Her tale was sharply punctuated by horrifying howl that echoed from the horizon. “Undead approaching!” cried out a lookout above. A commotion followed as soldiers rushed to man their positions. The empress took personal command of her honor guard, leading them to the center rampart where they hung their white shields on the sharpened logs, preparing their positions with short bows. The undead appeared out of the night with savage beasts charging ahead of them as some sort of hulking Vanguard. The first volley was loosed and the battle begun, the Vales and OS resisted as one.

With victory secured, all the soldiers cheered. Everyone descended from the ramparts and celebrated, cracking open casks of ale or wine. Nobles gathered together. Maya asked Goriad II whether the undead were the hunt he had arranged, to a very polite chuckle. Just as Maya toasted with her hosts and the assembled nobility, a courier rushed through the gate and pushed a letter into the imperial hand. The seal of the Obian grandmistress was broken, and she read the short note before passing it off to her page. “Ah, sadly I must take my leave, as I am required in Rines. The Doge of Fronen has arrived for our long-awaited summit. I am humbled that our Vales are those honored in your artwork. And your hospitality is truly unparalleled – you are likewise invited to visit the United Vales to explore our forests, countryside, and various cities.” She ordered Gunnar to bring her white steed and assemble the Imperial Honor Guard. Thus they departed as they arrived, only with a smile now on Maya’s face.
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