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Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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Report from Jarra Bennet

Lord Vice-Marshal Solomon,

I'm en route to Avengmil with 41 infantrymen. I shall order Maura to take them to a chummily beer brewery upon arrival. They're quite fond of those places and I've learnt the hard way that highly cohesive unit is leagues ahead of poorly cohesive one when it comes to the quality of defence and orderly retreats. I've been wounded five times already! Four times because my men failed to retreat properly. In exactly one year of service! Do you know how many dresses I've torn? Thank Obeah Maura learnt to repair my outfits in most artful fashion. Yes I know I'm supposed to wear a chainmail to battlefield, not a dress, no I'm not telling why I don't wear a chainmail to battlefield.
One year precisely of mending my outfits with most ingenious materials! I turned eighteen today, do you think I had coming of age ceremony? If you count filling out papers from Athol Margos Infantry recruitment center as coming of age ceremony, I have. I haven't seen eighteen candles nor eighteen sky lanterns but I've probably suffered eighteen paper cuts today! That counts, right? Both a way of celebrating and a training of withstanding torture. Oh, I forgot, reports are supposed to be brief and clear:

I'm en route to Avengmil with 41 infantrymen and zero bottles of wine.

Jarra Bennet
Steward of Athol Margos

Letter from Solomon Drake

Stewardess Jarra, least you reported.
Also - you lead a unit of 41 armored infantrymen into the heat of battle while wearing a dress? I mean this in the most flattering way possible, but - you must be a terrifying woman.

Solomon Drake
Knight of Athol Margos
Vice-Marshal of the Inquisition

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

'Why do I wear dress to the battlefield' - silly question - thought Jarra about her Vice-Marshal's enquiry and went back in her mind to the preparations before the first battle of Avengmil:

"Quick, Maura, help me put this on." - Jarra motioned to her captain holding the chainmail, and the latter started dutifully slipping the armor on her lady. When finished, Maura held her lady by the arms to help her keep balance.

"Let go of me! Stop treating me like a child! I can hold my own weight with the chainmail on. I don't nee- AH!" - as soon as Maura let go of her Jarra overbalanced forward and dived nose first towards the ground.

The brief moment of silence filled the tent after young lady sat on the ground.

"Well, there are thinner chainmails..." - she said.

"Actually, m'Lady, there aren't." - Maura responded.

"Studded leather?" - Lady Jarra asked.

"Not much better." - Her captain replied.

They both looked to the blue dress stretched on the bedside coffer. Jarra let out a sigh.

Letter from Goriad II Gabanus

As inquisitors we have but one task: Find and convert infidels and stop those who wish to halt Obeah's return.

I realize that we've done so mostly on the battlefield so far, but that will not always be the case. Jarra is not terryfying at all, perhaps tall for a lady, but otherwise quite the opposite of terryfying exactly that will make her excell as an inquisitor if she listens and learns well.

We all have our own strengths, our own approach towards our goal. We are not all the same like those Templars.

Goriad II Gabanus
Margrave of Avengmil
Marshal of the Inquisition

(After receiving many letters about violent ways of dealing with infidels.)

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"What does it mean? I thought unbelievers are sternly reprimanded, flogged on occasion."

"I'm sure they just speak in theory, m'Lady" - Maura calmed Jarra, who remained deeply disturbed by the letters she read.

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

After battle of Ardmore Jarra was spending her morning as usual - over the holy scrolls, meditating on the religious matters. The prolonged absence of her mentor drawn her away from the dreams of walking a wolf among housedogs. She still pondered what might that be like - going Obeah knows where, unseen, unnoticed, lethal. Seeing every other breathing creature as potential prey. Dropping the pretty dresses and enrobing oneself in darkest shades of cloaks...
But those thoughts were scarcer and less concrete day by day. Instead - with every sentence read about miracles of Obeah and every tale she collected of magic - a different set of robes appealed to her.

New family - Arnickles Renodin: Maura(OS), Myr(LN)
Old family - The (dead) Bennets: Max(SF), Joran(VT), Jarra(OS)