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Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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New Grand Inquisitor
Your ruler, Rania Eastersand, has appointed Goriad II Gabanus, Margrave of Avengmil, Marshal of the Inquisition, Priest of Heralds of Obeah as Grand Inquisitor of the realm.

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus
It was early in the morning when the messengers arrived at his camp. Some standard reports, he didn't care for them, but also two separate ones from Rania. The first wrote that he had been appointed as Grand Inquisitor, the other followed with a request from the Oracle "Rines is in desperate need of courts in my absence. Please hold court to restore order to the city." He looked at Sigmund who read the letter, and nodded "We set travel to the capital," and Sigmund replied "Are we bureaucrats now milord?" and Goriad II could only smile: "Sigmund, you should know better by now, I am Grand Inquisitor, not Grand Chancellor, or Erheas. Send word out of our arrival to the local inquisitors, let them be ready."

When they arrived in Rines they first moved to the Temple where a group of 20 men had gathered "Inquisitors, the Oracle has tasked us to hold courts in Rines in her absence now and we shall restore the order in this city. I trust you have done what I've asked of you?" and all 20 men went down on a knee until one of them said "We have been busy mapping the heretics' whereabouts milord. Goriad II looked at them, "Perfect, then show me to them, I shall hold courts today in the streets themselves."

As the group of men entered the city they quickly walked towards the area where they would hold court today. Now that he had become Grand Inquisitor his authority had greatly increased and as such he had taken the liberty to start arming the inquisitors throughout the realm, starting in Rines. They had some light armor to protect against knife cuts and clubs, but still light enough to move swiftly as he always prefered himself. The pride of their armor however were their weapons, two curved blades, much like he carries himself, combined with two smaller blades for difficult and extremely tight spots. He also had them train with the blades two hours a day, so in time they would become most feared. In the meantime Goriad II brought some of the local militia with him as well, the Sword of the Inquisition, 40 archers of which he placed half of them on the roofs around the small square where he would hold court today.

As they arrived the archers were ready, some guarding the streets, the others on the roof ready to take down any rebel who opposed him. He sent out the 20 inquisitors into the houses to where they had tracked heretics and quickly a group of 38 people were gathered on the square. Several hundred of people heard the noice and came outside, not knowing what was going on.

"People of Rines," Sigmund begun "The Grand Inquisitor has set out to remove the rebels from among you, the heretics who would oppose Obeah and who would overthrow our great rule here in Rines," and before he finished 5 men started to attack some of the guards in one alley, knocking down 2 of the archers, but as they attempted to plunge a knife into their chest arrows started flying from the roofs, shooting down the 5 men and wounded some additional peasants who stood closeby.

Now Goriad II stepped forward "Heretics have no place in our lands and those who oppose Obeah will meet the Inquisition. Assaulting the realm's militia is punishable by death, as is opposing Obeah's coming. If you know of any heretic, make it your duty to report them. And as to you," he said as he turned to the group of 38 men and women and even 3 children "You will also tell us everything about the heretics in the area, one way or another." He smiled, "Take them to the dungeons, make them talk."

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

Enetering Seaside Estate for the last time, Jarra couldn't help but shiver with sentiment and anticipation. She passed throught the main hall and into the main bedroom. There she took her last, long look at the ocean in a dim light of the setting sun. Turning around to leave she found the most awaited object on her bed:

Dark brown shape outstreched from one end of the bed to the other. Thick, yet surprisingly light, tougher than studded leather, yet not at all too cumbersome. When having it made Jarra resisted the urge of including blue lynchpins and crimson collar made of dyed fox, instead the coat was entirely plain in colour. Short-faced bears were extremely rare and extremely difficult to track and find, she hadn't had the time or the skill to hunt one herself but sent her best scouts on the assignment. Many of them returned gravely wounded, but not for a second had she considered a price too high for such a magnificent overcoat. She checked the last few detail - hidden pockets, straps and copmartments in the sleeves, near the collar and on the back, seeing everything in place she shouted over her involuntary smile: "Maura! Maura, come here quickly!"

"M'Lady?" - her ever-vigilant captain appeared momentarily, as if standing there at attention all the entire time.

"I have a package to send! Take note, I want to include a note. Ready?" - she coughed theatrically - "Dear G... no wait - Lord Mar- no... Grand Inquisitor now the office you hold requires appearance, hence the promised, long-awaited gift you see before you. Not the inconspicuous rags you would favour, nor the proper noble outfit I would preffer but a suiting - I hope - compromise."

"Should I address it to..." - Maura askede but was interrupted middle-sentence by her lady:
"Grand Inquisitor, of course!"

A gift well received...

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

It was early in the morning when Goriad II woke up. He had not slept many hours that night as they traveled from Rines to Avengmil to settle some affairs in the region and there was much to do. There was recent fighting once more, so the mess had to be cleaned up first before he could even consider ordering repairs to the walls, so he did not trouble himself with it. He had many tasks before him now, building up the Inquisition the greatest he may have ever had, but he could not fail. He had been preparing his entire life for that one event, the end of the Warrior King, the look on his uncle's face when he finally saw his better, saw his failure in Goriad II. He had dreamed of that day since he was a little boy once more struck down for failing a small detail or another, but now it was taken from him and he would have his vengeance.  "He was mine,"  he said to Sigmund as he turned around "I want the main fort of the baily to be turned into the guildhouse for the Inquisition, it will start here." 

Just as he had given those orders a horsemen approached. Out of reflex both Goriad II and Sigmund drew both their curved blades, but it wasn't needed as the horsemen unseathed and announced himself "Captain Maura herself..."  he stumbled a bit as he saw the swords, but the Sigmund interrupted him "Ah Maura, how is she? Does Lady Jarra require our aid?" but the messenger shook his head "No milords, the Lady Jarra wishes to offer you a gift and has tasked me to deliver the gift and this letter."  Sigmund took the letter and read it out loud: "Grand Inquisitor now the office you hold requires appearance, hence the promised, long-awaited gift you see before you. Not the inconspicuous rags you would favour, nor the proper noble outfit I would preffer but a suiting - I hope - compromise."

Goriad II took the gift himself and removed the cloth in which it was wrapped. A dark brown coat, the hide of a short-faced bear if he wasn't mistaken, "These are rare Sigmund, I don't think you've ever seen one have you? As kid we'd used to hunt them, but we only managed to find two ever in our lives, they are native to the southern forests of Atamara, and apparently Beluaterra as well. It's beautiful,"  he said with a smile "Tell Jarra that I will soon come to visit her and express my gratitude, but first I have some business to attend to here."

... and well put to use

Roleplay from Astros Renodin   (Written by the Player of Astros Renodin, all credits go to him)

A Fancy Fur Coat

Lounging about was great but even that had its limits. The sun had started to rise in earnest and the morning was officially beginning. Astros pushed himself off and away from the table he had been sat at. Upon it were the mostly empty remains of a rather lavish meal. Plates with pork ribs stacked haphazardly. Two nearly empty tankards of what smells like mead, a platter containing crumbs and leftover cheeses and a bowl stained with humus around the rim and bottom. He stretched his huge frame and it made his clothing taunt against his muscles. Clawing at his stubble he took two deliberate gulps of air. All the while looking around to account for all his men. The entire floor of the inn was practically filled with his boys. Each selected for their physical size and ability to wield big weapons. ''Calvin!'' Astros called out to his captain. Motioning to the innkeeper, a portly man sporting a black eye. ''Take care of the bill, will you?'' The words sounded sincere but the accompanying grin twisted them beyond their meaning.

Moments later Astros was donning himself in his brigantine armor and slung his great-sword over his back. A black handled blade longer than many a man was tall. Stepping out of the Inn and being engulfed in the day's first light Astros squinted his eyes and actually had to bend forwards as he exited through the front door. Filling out behind him were his men. They congealed around Astros like a pack of wild dogs. Very big, mean looking dogs. A triple layered, bordeaux and black belt circled his waist. From it a hefty, jingling pouch dangled alongside a rondel dagger and a small leather packed which was sealed with two straps. From the packet a strong, earthy scent permeated.

Walking down the street toward the market the waking people shied away from the company of warriors. Astros took in the sights and gave overly friendly smiles and grins to anyone that caught his eye. He was feeling particularly good today. A fine meal will do that for you. Especially one donated so generously. Licking his front teeth with an open mouth he nonchalantly grabbed an apple from a grocers stand. A single exchange of looks enough to shut the merchant up. He laughed malevolently as he recognized the man's resignation.

Coming up on the main market square in Rines Astros felt inside his pouch. His fingers confirming the Grand Inquisitor's letter was still there. ''Now what would I be wearing if I was the Grand Inquisitor..?'' He mumbled to himself. Eyes scanning the stalls and people before him. Not catching anything of interest. ''Probably some kind of fancy hat, probably..'' His hand informed him of something soft and he turned his big head to look at it. It so happened that his hand had come to rest upon a raccoon fur hat that was on display at a fur trader's stall. Astros's face lit up with childish enthusiasm. ''Always did want a furry hat of my own!'' He grinned at the man he assumed was the trader. ''Thank you for your donation to the faith!'' He promptly put the hat on his bald head and moved along. Feeling supremely confident. Only a few stalls further he took the hat off again. The jolt of excitement he felt at humiliating the trader had passed and with it his interest in the hat.

It was then that his eye caught a really fancy coat. Rich brown and hell'a furry. His large brown eyes grew bigger still. The skin on his forehead rippled like sand-dunes and his lips produced a sharp whistle. ''Oh damn! Ain't that a fine, fine coat!'' Loud enough for the wearer to actually hear him. Lazily Astros made his way to the man in the rich fur coat and his companion. Yet his steps were filled with purpose even as his arms and frame made a show of dodging out of the way of passers by and pushing goods aside that would otherwise obstruct his way. Following close behind him like an enveloping wave of water were his hulking warriors. They quickly came to flood the two men that Astros had marked out. Unbeknownst to them that they had actually stumbled upon the Grand Inquisitor himself.

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

The Red Moon

He had already seen the gang of brutes coming, long before one of them whistled and quite loudly said "Oh damn! Ain't that a fine, fine coat!" and Goriad II shortly shook his head towards Sigmund who had wished to take action, instead they moved on slowly, untill they were surrounded by the soldiers. Their leader walked towards Goriad II, with a huge broadsword on his back. He could not help himself but wonder how usefull such a sword would be, in such close corners. Their leader tried to reach for the coat, not knowing that Jarra had hidden pockets sown into it allover, as she knew Goriad II's tendencies by now. Before the man could good and well speak, he was stopped.

"Now now, this coat was a gift to me, as was this blade," he said and now all eyes suddenly turned to his right hand in which he held one of his three short curved blades, positioned right against the upper thigh of the big man "Do you know why they call this the Red Moon my boy?" a grin appeared on his face, "I received this from leading the Red Moon army all the way from the desert into the coastal lands of Minas Leon, a most succesful raid..." he paused for a moment "But," placing a strong emphasis on the word but, "some say it is so named because when it cuts, men cry to the moon like a wolf bitch giving birth, the only difference is that you would never have children again."

Then, as all the men were on edge, the soldiers waiting for the order to attack, the blade was lowered and put back in his coat. "Now, I know the outfits of all militia in this city and there are no foreign troops allowed either, so I assume you must be Astros. Now I have a court to hold a mile further into the city, do have your men join us." Then he turned around again to Sigmund "Sigmund, I want 20 trapping snares and 4 bear traps, do let these fine big gentlemen carry them for you."

Appointed as Lord

Rania Eastersand JeVondair, Grandmistress, Grand Inquisitor, Grand Chancellor of Obia'Syela, Royal of Obia'Syela, Ambassador of Obia'Syela, Duchess of Amen Keffa, Margravine of Rines, Priestess of Heralds of Obeah has appointed you as the new lord of Rueffilo.
You should probably check out the region and estates and make sure everything runs smoothly.

A New Lord
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Rania Eastersand JeVondair, Grandmistress, Grand Inquisitor, Grand Chancellor of Obia'Syela, Royal of Obia'Syela, Ambassador of Obia'Syela, Duchess of Amen Keffa, Margravine of Rines, Priestess of Heralds of Obeah has appointed Jarra to the vacant lordship position in Rueffilo.

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Obeah guide us.
Obeah teach us.
Obeah protect us.
Obeah deliver us.
In your light we thrive.
In your mercy we are sheltered.
In your wisdom we are humbled.
We live only to serve. Our lives are yours."

Jarra said the words over and over again. There, in the dark corner of her bedroom in Riverside Manor, dimly lit by withering embers of the hearth, Maura found her. She pondered getting her attention with her usual "M'lady", but hearing the whispered prayer she decided to touch her arm instead.

"Lady Jarra" - she said quietly, and took a step back noticing her lady's shining, watery eyes.

"I can't feel it Maura." - said young Margravine - "I believe it with my mind, but I can't force myself to believe it with my heart. I choose to believe it, but it should never be a matter of choice! How am I to take on priestly robes?! How am I to serve Obeah and fulfill my duty to the Holy Realm? We both know I am not a warrior. I'm neither as crafty as Goriad, nor as experienced as Lord Vahanian, neither as dutiful as Marshal Solomon, nor as Grandiose as Grand Templar." - she angrily motioned to the star-scar on her forehead - "I injured myself when hitting a half-dead beastman!"

She took a deep breath and Maura pounced on the occasion to speak:

"M'Lady, there are members of local minor gentry, as well as carftmasters of Rueffilo, leaders of stonemason guilds of Rii and representants of farmers of free lands of Bolkenia and Cagamir."

Jarra cleaned her eyes and asked what is the purpose of such colourful crowd visiting her estate, to which she received an explanation that the stonemasons refuse to deliver stone, making construction of the temple impossible; southern peasants inform that any attempts to invade their lands will be opposed; craftmasters have thousand ideas to spend the gold from Grand Templar's gift and local gentry still favours Angmar and Spearhold and demands that war be stopped. Jarra's eyes grew wider and wider with each sentence. Maura demanded some instructions with polite "M'Lady?". Jarra simply shook herself from all the noise she already envisaged in her mind and pointing at the set of stylish, hairpin-looking daggers on her dressing table she said:

"I think I will have to do my hair."


A couple of hours later the stone transports for the new temple were flowing, the craftsmen were leaving content and southern peasants reassured. Only the local gentry left still grumbling about the state of affairs. Jarra fell to her chair, exhausted.

"Quite a feat you've achieved here m'Lady." - Maura said, and hearing her lady muttering out confirmation, she continued - "And you haven't stabbed anyone."

"Just barely." - She replied.

"As if what you did you did by divine inspiration." - Maura continued.

"Obeah works in mysterious ways." - Margravine said absentmindedly, to which Maura smiled - a most rare occurance - and replied:

"Indeed she does, m'Lady..." - and to a realisation dawning on Jarra's face she reiterated - "Indeed she does."


Coming up next - Maura Backstory. More than a simple captain, but how much more and why?
New family - Arnickles Renodin: Maura(OS), Myr(LN)
Old family - The (dead) Bennets: Max(SF), Joran(VT), Jarra(OS)