Author Topic: Can graphic violence or sex in Role Plays become unacceptable in BM?  (Read 1846 times)


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Chenier is absolutely right. Its facing your traumas that take away their power. Not hiding from them.

The day I stopped hiding from it, it began losing power. I much prefer the rare flashback I get rather than what I used to go through... Its the same for all the survivors I know and love. You buckle-in and you persevere.

Hell, its a central tenet of the healing process we uphold: come to terms with the truth, bring darkness unto light, and take away the power it holds over us. Stop being a victim and become a SURVIVOR! As long as we remain victims, we are powerless against our traumas. That's why everyone from rape to combat survivors begin to find solace the day they come to terms with their reality. Sure, it hurts at first. Flashbacks are horrible, but repression is far, FAR worse.

It is better to strike an honest, healthy equilibrium than to puritanically repress and empower the very demons you seek to cage.
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