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Not Dead !
« Topic Start: October 06, 2017, 08:20:05 AM »
The game is not dead. Hey everyone!

So here is my thoughts on how to complete it, given that my time available has dropped dramatically:

  • Planning Mode is shelved for the moment
  • In-Game Store is shelved for the moment, probably coming back but with in-game currency only (i.e. no real money transfers)
  • I want to add more competitiveness to the end game, so a new feature will be that if a family is defeated, its resources are distributed, equally, remainders are dropped. That means in the early game, typically nothing will be left (family dies with 12 wood, 16 families still in the game - nobody gets anything). But in the end game, killing off someone can ensure your survival (family dies with 10 stone, 3 families still left in the game - everyone gets 3 stone, 1 stone is lost).
  • Later on, I want to add a few special events to the deep forest, to raise both risk and reward.
Once a couple bugs are fixed, the game will also need a polishing and marketing drive to restore the player base to something more serious. For this I will need a small team. Not programmers (though one more wouldn't hurt), but artists and social media people.