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Re: The War
« Reply #240: August 10, 2018, 08:09:56 PM »
Turned only on Perdan? Who are you trying to kid here? Don't get me wrong I enjoy the propaganda attempt, byt the north would go after Vix anyway. They'd be screwed if they'd let the north destroy Perdan first, let alone the moral dilemma.

And I still believe FG did not make a foolish decision. They chose to honor their allies rather than betray them. There's a good argument for that. FG felt HM's action a betrayel and acted accordingly. Not sure why that's so bad? Unless of course you're HM.

*Edit you also forget that everyone has seen the deal you made. Most Perdanese lands are decided by tye north and thus go to Epponlyn. FG's lands go to Caligus and if you take more land so will Domus. The only expansion option for HM is into Vix. So yeah your deal is not just anti Perdan is it?
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