Author Topic: Under Debate: Increased ability to Spread Roleplays among the Playerbase  (Read 1984 times)


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Title: RP Specific Message Channel

Along the usual message channels being ''Too all Realm Mates / To Rulers, etc'' have a Channel where people could post RP's too. These RP's would be available to all players akin to the current ''World News'' Feed that one can access via the ''Information'' Tab ingame. Encouraging players to write more Roleplays (RP's), sharing the joy of writing and making content that is enjoyable more widely available.

The ''Roleplay Message Channel (RMC)'' would be accessible either under the ''Messages'' tab ingame, which is currently used for writing all player related letters and such or via a newly establish -tab- like the ''Messages'' tab to give the concept of RPing more prominence. There would be a link (or checkbox like the ''Keep recipients secret'' when you write an ingame message) where players can submit their RP to the ''Roleplay Message Channel''. This would result in their submitted Roleplay being made available to all other players under a system that looks a lot like the current ''World News'' feature. Where the Rp's would be published and could then be consumed by all willing players.

The Rp's would have to be checked for content in a number of possible ways.

Self moderation,
players are able to check boxes before posting their RP to the ''Roleplay Message Channel'' which could include, Violent, Graphic, Battle, Romance.. ad infinitude. To allow potential consuming players to quickly peruse the RMC for desired content or indeed hide content they have specified as undesirable for them.

Titan moderation,
An Rp that is set to be published has to be approved by the Titans of said continent. Their vision and longstanding reputation within the community gives their judgement the required weight to steer the content that is distributed among the Player Base.

Admin approved,
Like the Titan variation but even heftier in terms of an official Go Ahead.

Accredited Player RP Group,
An appointed, voted or chosen group of community Roleplayers / Players that invest their own time to moderate the content to be published on the RMC.


A. Separate ingame tab

To tailor the game more toward Roleplaying and adding to its significance as a driving force of the Battle Master game create a separate Roleplaying, ingame tab. Like ''Messages'' or ''Information''. This tab would be styled based on the ''Message'' tab but would have some key variations (it could be construed as an overhaul of the ''Messages'' tab entirely). In the ''Roleplaying'' tab the RMC feed would get a prominent position. So that Roleplay content could be easily consumed. Additionally there should be several links enabling players to quickly write Roleplays along with adding the tags that are appropriate for end user consumption (e.a. Violent, Battle, Romance etc.). Furthermore it would be beneficial if players had a higher character limit for writing Roleplayers as to not having to break up Roleplay messages into several posts as currently is the case ingame. 800 characters give or take is the current letter writing limit ingame. Rp's can be several thousand.

This Tab could be devoted to all manner of RP writing. In so much that players could from this tab, when they have written a given RP, could then select to which message groups they wish to send it specifically. By this it is meant that a player could write an RP to a fellow player in the same Realm and select a box which would enable the player to not only publish the RP on the RMC but also send it to his or her realm. Several of such message groups should be selectable at the same time. For example: To Realm, To Guild X Y Z, Individual players etc.

Important note on that latter feature, only to existing message groups the player has access to or known contacts as currently is allowed by the game.

In short:
RMC feed, Rp writing field, extended character limit, ability to add consumer preference tags to Rp content prior to publishing, ability to include existing message groups.

B. I'll hold back on adding more variations.

Encouraging people to write content for the game. Spreading enjoyable content among the player base. Alternative means of receiving ingame recognition via player appreciation. Increasing the likelihood of players actually writing RP's as more people get to read their content. Great player interaction. Enriching the BM history and Culture. And many more such soft improvements. The game is about player driven content, RP's are a big part of that. It has made realms and indeed the game, great. 

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

Abused for diplomatic reasons. Scheming and plotting opportunity. Players using OOC knowledge as IC knowledge. An Rp could depict a private event but another player uses it as if it was common knowledge. Players could use the functions as a means of contacting players the game didn't allow them to contact before.

Moderation would be required to limit this from happening. The upsides outweigh the downsides however as increased interaction will lead to retention, increased experienced gaming value and greater appeal for aspiring players.

Please, discuss. I am sure I've missed out on certain area's. Some intentionally and some I've simply failed to see myself surely. In general I would like there to be more incentive to write RP's and a better ability to share the writing we all do in this game. We have some amazing content creators and it would be a shame if only a fraction of the playerbase got to enjoy their talent, hard work and ability.

It gives so much more chance for people to join in on local plot hooks and participate in events that would otherwise seem alien, foreign and impossible to grap for outsiders. How often do players travel the Realms of a continent only to experience snippets of culture or partake in a short few RP's that's only the tip of the iceberg. With this feature or something like it people would be able to enjoy so much more of the good stuff that is already in game.

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Why not the forum or wiki?
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Why not the forum or wiki?

Not that many people actually check both.


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Purrcious would like to see atleast an option "Nearby Regions" not just "Current regions"

Or maybe turn the Letter option to checkboxes instead of a hyperlink to the intended audience?

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I am not sure if Delvin would agree to something like this.

Waiting for his reply.
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