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Re: Assorted RP's of Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in
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Non-Consensual Cosmetic Surgery

Roleplay from Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in   (just sent)
message to all nobles of Sirion

Hrafn was still staggering half-way through the streets of Avamar when his scribe came running, fuming, shaking a letter in his hand. He bowed more from fatigue than from respect and tried to catch his breath to announce the most important part of what he had to say.

Sigrid and her Avenging Exiles had just finished paying for the burial of the mangled scout they'd discovered with his throat cut while surveying Montijo, apparently by some pissant from Nivemus who valued his privacy more than his scruples. After all, there was no one in that region beside the Nivemus army at the time of his death. Somber faces all around, she left them at a nearby tavern to mourn their brother and departed for the market, accompanied by her once-Regent Ferdinand and her new captain Helmut.

What a sight it must have been to those walking the streets of Avamar: a young noblewoman in black ranger's leathers and long hair the color of phoenix feather practically gliding across the pavement. A grizzled old frowning war veteran struggling to keep up as sparse grays cling like weeds atop a balding head, leg ruined in some long-forgotten war for a nation history has forsaken. Last but not least, a young new captain with enough notches on his blade to fill a banquet hall, and plenty of room for more.

Sullen and sour at the loss of a good man to supposed allies - lost in her own little mental world of unwinding strategies, ever-shifting politics, and a yearning for simpler days - Sigrid barely notices Hrafn until she practically rams him from behind. A muscled arm reaches out from behind and grabs her shoulder, to which she promptly spins and punches her new captain square in the nose. A look of profound surprise scours his face as a trail of blood leaks from what might be a shattered nose.

"!@#$! Sorry! I- damn it, don't grab me like that! NEVER !@#$ing grab me like that!"
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