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Re: Assorted RP's of Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in
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Roleplay from Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in
all nobles of Sirion
Hrafn: "Lady Sigrid, I didn't expect to meet you here, so abruptly - and as if there was nothing more to say, he reached out his hand in an invitation - Please, come with me. This is my father's city... it was, at least. I know everything here. I'd like to show you a place before we have to leave to Montijo."

Sigrid took it personally to lose one of her warriors, almost as if a piece of her were lost beside them... This impromptu meeting offered a welcome distraction from the bitterness welling within. Nodding to Halmut, she watched him mutter to Ferdinand - the wound to his pride likely greater than that of his face.

"Go grab a drink with the Exiles and get that nose looked at. I need you at your best on the morrow. Lets give those bastards a run for their money, aye? And keep your hands to yourself before you end up missing one. Or both."

Halmut bowed with a pronounced flourish, his placid attempt at appeasement lost on Sigrid. No one touches her without permission - the last man to do so rots in an unmarked grave with severed manhood jammed firmly between broken teeth. Never did figure out where his hands went. Vultures probably got to them while she was busy digging. Ah well - circle of life and all that.

"Apologies, my lady, it won't happen again... I swear before the Glow of the Phoenix!"

She dismissed her escort with a curt nod and turned to Hrafn. She was in no mood to partake in bitter words and bleak charades. Ferdinand knew the fiery look in her eyes well enough to drag her captain toward the nearest tavern.

"Likewise, Hrafn. Didn't mean for you to see that... !@#$ happens, eh? Sometimes a man's got to be put in his place lest he grow accustomed to overstepping potentially lethal boundaries. Had a soldier smack the wrong adventurer's ass and win a dagger to the throat once. Sure is one way to redecorate... Anyway, what's interesting around here? Haven't been long enough to know my way around yet."
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