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Re: Assorted RP's of Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in
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"Commander, the body of the lost scout has arrived from Negev. The stolen report is torn but otherwise intact. Shall we proceed?"

A sigh of relief spills forth unto the cool night air.

"Aye - dispatch the runners. Talon Kinsey requested these reports personally. First man back earns an all-expenses paid trip to the brothels of Avamar. The second earns a warm bath and two rounds at his choice of tavern. The last gets a cold bath and "volunteers" to run back with Kinsey's response."

Accustomed to her peculiarly brazen sense of humor, captain Helmut's eyes sparkle atop splitting grin.

"Barring strenuous circumstances, any who deviate from their orders will relinquish all reward and immediately assume the volunteer role."

Helmut's smile fades to sober grimace as nearby soldiers suddenly find reasons to be elsewhere.

"A fine lesson, commander. If the boys are sensible they'll converge and conclude the mission as a team, earning all three a fine trip to the Red Light District. Yet if greed gets the best of 'em... A sobering wake-up call where there should be a fine pair of soft, warm-"

"AHEM. Nothing quite like marching 'til your soles bleed..." Her glare cleaves the air as Helmut reconsiders finishing his sentence.

"Err, right. Apologies, m'Lady."

A wayward boot sails off in an arc as Sigrid's toes wiggle freely for the first time in weeks. Dried blood and grime cakes blistered feet as a markedly unladylike stench wafts free. Such is the price of leading the charge, as opposed to hiding in the vanguard as nobles are oft to do.

"Kindly remind the runners how vital their mission is to the survival of Xavax. Failure to complete their mission is second only to failure in safeguarding their brothers-in-arms. No man shall be left behind. If any Xavax runner is obstructed, injured, captured, or otherwise purposely abandoned for the sake of another runner's greed, I will march back to Krimml through hell or high water and wait until the South begins their assault. Then, I will bind, gag, and personally launch them off the walls. If they survive, they will be given exactly 30 seconds before the Avenging Exiles' open fire. If they reach the Southern line, they live. Whoever gets a confirmed hit on the traitor takes his place in the brothels of Avamar. Any who refuse to fire will reinforce the frontlines. Any who obstruct these orders will be stripped of rank. Any who betray the Xavax will be put to death."

Helmut straightens and salutes - his eyes wide and expression dead-serious.

"What of the thieving runner who killed our scout in Negev?"

If looks could kill, one need only dispatch Sigrid to Krimml and half the continent might set ablaze.

"For the murder of his countryman; obstruction of justice; bearing false witness; dereliction of duty; treason against Xavax; and endangering a critical mission during wartime... I sentence him to death. Sew the insignias of dead or captured Southern forces into his coat, then sew that into his flesh. Cut off his hands, carve "TRAITOR" into his forehead, then dump him in Negev."

You could practically hear a pin drop in Oligarch.

"I... Aye, commander. The traitor will be punished immediately."

Seething with rage, Sigrid could only nod.

 --- --- --- --- --- ---
| Later that night |
 --- --- --- --- --- ---

"Helmut, dispatch a runner to the Caligan embassy. There's someone I must speak to as soon as possible, and only the Caligans can help."

Curiosity stifled by the grimness of his recent charge, he bows and takes his leave. All is silent as her eyes trace the stars above Fontan, wondering what madness drives honorable men to betray what they claim to love.

High above the rest, a beacon shines its light: an exiled star of gold blazing bright.

"...Where are you, Ayden?"
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