Author Topic: Assorted RP's of Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in  (Read 2281 times)


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Re: Assorted RP's of Sigrid Gudrun Auru'in
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Phoenix and the Raven

Princess Sigrid,

I stand here before the nobles of Redhaven to fulfill my oath. My life is yours to take.

Hrafn Skovgaard, Son of Serpentis, Bastard in Exile;

By order of Ehrendill Eyolf Serpentis, heir of the Eye, your life is hereby forfeit.

By Fate our pact is bound - in blood thy oath manifest.

Whence flies the gilded Phoenix, a brooding Raven shall follow - my Will thy willing cage.

By  light of embers a shadows is cast - and within it you shall always tread.

You belong to me now, and forevermore.

...Forgive me. It was the only way I could save you.
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