Author Topic: Which realm to join?  (Read 5972 times)


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Re: Which realm to join?
« Topic Start: November 08, 2017, 12:42:46 AM »
Dear god, do NOT join Vix. If you want to play a crazy char, they will only be overshadowed by Archibald's extreme crazyness. I have made dope love for that player, they play an amazing char, but I effing HATE Archibald lol.

"Me Archibald. Archibald loves cookies. Archibald makes peasants rise up and throw out their rightful lord so Archibald can take control of the region. Archibald trade gold for cookie. Archibald IS the cookie"

Paraphrasing, obviously.

Hahahaha man he makes me laugh. But I do hate him.
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