Author Topic: Which realm to join?  (Read 8337 times)


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Re: Which realm to join?
« Topic Start: November 08, 2017, 09:47:06 AM »
Perhaps not directly on topic but I do love the idea of Archibald and Purrcious. It is a great shame and I recognize it, that I have not played in Vix Tiramoa when those two characters are around. Surely there will be others but I went with Xavax and was never disappointed. While that Realms may be gone, its culture certainly isn't.

My suggestion to the OP would be to find a realm with lots of people in it. Vix, Highmarch on EX seems good examples. Astrum on Dwilight, Uhmm there's Obeya something something where there's two factions fighting internally. Religious mayhem. Yeah, many players in a Realm means more room for creativity and interaction and that in the end will allow your char a niche to fill.