Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 4994 times)


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The Deeds of Astros Renodin
« Topic Start: November 14, 2017, 09:30:28 AM »
Yeah, its that time again. I created a new character. We'll see how long this one lives. Last time I created a less than good character he died in a duel to the death. Here's to hoping this one will be less foolish. Anyhow, let me give you a quick taste of the kind of individual we're dealing with here. I used this RP to introduce the character of Astros to the Realm. Hope you enjoy!

A Cheerful Tune

A meandering road led them to the outskirts of the main towns of Avengmil. Green lush trees swayed gently in the wind and trains of clipped geese waddled past. Constantly being harassed by a boy menacingly wielding a stick and his dog. Those geese the boy couldn't reach the dog would promptly jap at. Astros grinned as he saw the boy. The scene reminded him of himself and the early days. A self appreciating sigh escaped his red lips. Lips entirely hemmed in by a gruff stubble reaching well down his neck. Apart from his heavy eyebrows it was the only hair on his entirely head. The warm sun above made his scalp gleam and he liked to think that it occasionally blinded one of his men marching behind him.

The boy stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth fell open as he gawked at the troupe of warriors approaching. One and all big men. Decked not just in brigantine and leathers but most prominently in flesh hardened over years of training and innate physical prominence. Astros leading the pack and it clearly was a sign of power, especially over those that followed. The towering man's face was angular, sat atop a broad neck and his eyes shone with intelligence but were veiled with a far more sinister quality only truly masked by confidence and a smug little grin that played upon his features. Feeling particularly good Astros struck up a tune as he began to whistle. A cheerful, marching melody. It fooled the boy but not the geese. They hissed and beat their wings as they tried to hustle their group onward.

''Whoooaa! Real Knights!'' The boy exclaimed. Arriving at where the boy stopped Astros made an elaborate show of looking down on the boy and offering the broadest of grins. ''In the Flesh!'' and he winked. Astros' eye fell on the boy's satchel. Within he spied it contained a piece of cheese. Not really caring who saw or how the boy would feel he reached down with one heavy and armor arm. His fingers going straight for the cheese and while the boy deigned away, one ugly look rooted the boy in place. Having seized his price Astros bite off a large chunk. ''Scram you little [email protected]#$stain.'' The boy couldn't comprehend for precious moments. Getting annoyed, Astros kicked the boy aside before continuing to march on. Laughing as the boy landed in a muddle of mud. ''Learn from this lesson boy! Better pay your taxes or else!'' The men laughed with their master and the boy knew resentment as his father had. Nobility, they're all the same.