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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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This Rp is the beginning of Astros's first ever meeting with his Liege Lord and also the Grand Inquisitor (judge) of the Realm he is in (Obia'Syela). First the opening RP from the Player of Goriad II Gabanus and following my own reply. Enjoy!

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus   

It was early in the morning when Goriad II made his way to the market square in Rines. He was dressed in the dark brown fur coat he had received from Jarra and was accompanied by Sigmund. "Are you sure he will come milord?" Sigmund asked and he was answered by a short yet sollmn nod "I told Astros to meet me here, where they sell hunting equipment in the marketplace, he'll come." So the two of them made their way to the area of the city they both have come to know so well. As he walked he was recognized by some and before long a small crowd had gatthered. He stopped and took the opportunity to preach of Obeah, the same words he had used in Cjelegy for new uninformed minds and Sigmund snickered "You're slowly perfecting this one milord," and Goriad II smiled back "Yes, who knows."

As they arrived at the stands who sell trapping snares both of them stopped for a moment, it was slowly getting crowded already. "Do we even know what he looks like?" Sigmund ultimately asked, "No, we do not, but how many nobles do you think will arrive here accompanied by armed men?"

A Fancy Fur Coat

Lounging about was great but even that had its limits. The sun had started to rise in earnest and the morning was officially beginning. Astros pushed himself off and away from the table he had been sat at. Upon it were the mostly empty remains of a rather lavish meal. Plates with pork ribs stacked haphazardly. Two nearly empty tankards of what smells like mead, a platter containing crumbs and leftover cheeses and a bowl stained with humus around the rim and bottom. He stretched his huge frame and it made his clothing taunt against his muscles. Clawing at his stubble he took two deliberate gulps of air. All the while looking around to account for all his men. The entire floor of the inn was practically filled with his boys. Each selected for their physical size and ability to wield big weapons. ''Calvin!'' Astros called out to his captain. Motioning to the innkeeper, a portly man sporting a black eye. ''Take care of the bill, will you?'' The words sounded sincere but the accompanying grin twisted them beyond their meaning.

Moments later Astros was donning himself in his brigantine armor and slung his great-sword over his back. A black handled blade longer than many a man was tall. Stepping out of the Inn and being engulfed in the day's first light Astros squinted his eyes and actually had to bend forwards as he exited through the front door. Filling out behind him were his men. They congealed around Astros like a pack of wild dogs. Very big, mean looking dogs. A triple layered, bordeaux and black belt circled his waist. From it a hefty, jingling pouch dangled alongside a rondel dagger and a small leather packed which was sealed with two straps. From the packet a strong, earthy scent permeated.

Walking down the street toward the market the waking people shied away from the company of warriors. Astros took in the sights and gave overly friendly smiles and grins to anyone that caught his eye. He was feeling particularly good today. A fine meal will do that for you. Especially one donated so generously. Licking his front teeth with an open mouth he nonchalantly grabbed an apple from a grocers stand. A single exchange of looks enough to shut the merchant up. He laughed malevolently as he recognized the man's resignation.

Coming up on the main market square in Rines Astros felt inside his pouch. His fingers confirming the Grand Inquisitor's letter was still there. ''Now what would I be wearing if I was the Grand Inquisitor..?'' He mumbled to himself. Eyes scanning the stalls and people before him. Not catching anything of interest. ''Probably some kind of fancy hat, probably..'' His hand informed him of something soft and he turned his big head to look at it. It so happened that his hand had come to rest upon a raccoon fur hat that was on display at a fur trader's stall. Astros's face lit up with childish enthusiasm. ''Always did want a furry hat of my own!'' He grinned at the man he assumed was the trader. ''Thank you for your donation to the faith!'' He promptly put the hat on his bald head and moved along. Feeling supremely confident. Only a few stalls further he took the hat off again. The jolt of excitement he felt at humiliating the trader had passed and with it his interest in the hat.

It was then that his eye caught a really fancy coat. Rich brown and hell'a furry. His large brown eyes grew bigger still. The skin on his forehead rippled like sand-dunes and his lips produced a sharp whistle. ''Oh damn! Ain't that a fine, fine coat!'' Loud enough for the wearer to actually hear him. Lazily Astros made his way to the man in the rich fur coat and his companion. Yet his steps were filled with purpose even as his arms and frame made a show of dodging out of the way of passers by and pushing goods aside that would otherwise obstruct his way. Following close behind him like an enveloping wave of water were his hulking warriors. They quickly came to flood the two men that Astros had marked out. Unbeknownst to them that they had actually stumbled upon the Grand Inquisitor himself.