Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 4370 times)


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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Written by the Player of Goriad II Gabanus, all credits go to him of course.

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

The Red Moon

He had already seen the gang of brutes coming, long before one of them whistled and quite loudly said "Oh damn! Ain't that a fine, fine coat!" and Goriad II shortly shook his head towards Sigmund who had wished to take action, instead they moved on slowly, untill they were surrounded by the soldiers. Their leader walked towards Goriad II, with a huge broadsword on his back. He could not help himself but wonder how usefull such a sword would be, in such close corners. Their leader tried to reach for the coat, not knowing that Jarra had hidden pockets sown into it allover, as she knew Goriad II's tendencies by now. Before the man could good and well speak, he was stopped.

"Now now, this coat was a gift to me, as was this blade," he said and now all eyes suddenly turned to his right hand in which he held one of his three short curved blades, positioned right against the upper thigh of the big man "Do you know why they call this the Red Moon my boy?" a grin appeared on his face, "I received this from leading the Red Moon army all the way from the desert into the coastal lands of Minas Leon, a most succesful raid..." he paused for a moment "But," placing a strong emphasis on the word but, "some say it is so named because when it cuts, men cry to the moon like a wolf bitch giving birth, the only difference is that you would never have children again."

Then, as all the men were on edge, the soldiers waiting for the order to attack, the blade was lowered and put back in his coat. "Now, I know the outfits of all militia in this city and there are no foreign troops allowed either, so I assume you must be Astros. Now I have a court to hold a mile further into the city, do have your men join us." Then he turned around again to Sigmund "Sigmund, I want 20 trapping snares and 4 bear traps, do let these fine big gentlemen carry them for you."