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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Aaaand! my reply. Hope you like it. I'm curious what kind of a scene will be set but I'm sure it's going to be a good one.

To Each Their Burden
Then, as all the men were on edge, the soldiers waiting for the order to attack, the blade was lowered and put back in his coat. "Now, I know the outfits of all militia in this city and there are no foreign troops allowed either, so I assume you must be Astros. Now I have a court to hold a mile further into the city, do have your men join us." Then he turned around again to Sigmund "Sigmund, I want 20 trapping snares and 4 bear traps, do let these fine big gentlemen carry them for you."

~Goriad II Gabanus

The blade felt really uncomfortable upon his armor. Placed just right, between the plates that were worked into the brigantine. A move that was way too expertly executed for Astros to be comfortable with. His face a blend of a raging ocean with its stormy whitecaps and a venomous snake threatening to strike but really just wishing to retreat. His eyes following the motions of the man that was his Liege, the Grand Inquisitor. Before Astros could say anything Sigmund was already directing his men to follow. Realization dawned, it included himself. Grinding his teeth Astros complied. His shoulders tense and the look in his eyes dangerous.

The Grand Inquisitor's companion, Sigmund, was efficient in his dealings and didn't fuss over the fact that over three dozen warriors of large physical appearance gave him murderous looks. He didn't even seem rattled in the slightest. The same couldn't be said for the merchants he dealt with before instructing said merchants to hand over the snares and bear traps to the large warriors about. A casual finger indicating at random it seemed as eyes never even made contact. Astros made fists of his hands and felt anger swell in his bosom. When the whimsical finger was pointed at him however, he meekly accepted the load of a full fletched bear trap as his own to carry. To carry towards whichever destination was set, for that remained a mystery.

So Astros and his men were set to function as packmules for the Grand Inquisitor, very angry packmules. Muttering curses under their breath whenever the eyes of the Grand Inquisitor weren't looking. ''Grand Arse..'' Prominent among them.