Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 4990 times)


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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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An little RP ((Discretion advised! Foul language and behavior)) I wrote outlining some less than honorable behavior of Astros during a friendly take-over of a rural region.

You're Free, Celebrate it damn it!

Marching up and down the length of the main thoroughfare of the village Astros's muscular frame could be seen swaying from the left to the right. Handing out firm pats on the backs and shoulders of haphazard peasants who were more inclined to dart away rather than face the lumbering giant of a man with the wolf's grin.  ''What's wrong?! Why so glum! You're free now!'' Lips curled back into a sadistic smirk. ''No more bandits troubling you, we'll take care of them from now on. No more arguments with the neighbors about who's chicken that is or who's pig got [email protected]#$ed. We'll take care of all that. They're our chickens now and our pigs as well! Isn't that great?!'' A whack of his mighty hand all but uprooted the scrawny peasant as he gave the man another pat on the back. ''All your worries gone like that!'' And Astros snapped his  fingers. ''Along with your coin, we're not doing this for free of course!''

Walking past the peasant Astros laughed and grabbed a carrot from a grocer's stand. Bit off a chunk as he meandered along and spat it out again. ''You people don't wash your vegetables?!'' He threw the remains of the carrot back at the peddler along with an angry glare. All without ever slowing his already slow pace.