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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Welcome back, been expecting you. Yes I have. What you'll read next is about Astros of course but you're in for a real treat. One of his very first acts as an agent of the Faith. Serving the Faith and being good for the faith, yes sir. Anyhow, enjoy the read.

All for the Faith

Making his rounds ensuring that his men were indeed ''convincing'' the locals of the true, free and indeed pious ways of Obia Astros nonchalantly came to a halt at a merchant's stall. A big wooden wagon that was transformed into a veritable miniature shop. Roofed over and supported with extendable beams it really looked quite cozy if not indeed grand. Bending forwards to just dip under the curtain of goods suspended from the ceiling Astros nodded approvingly.  ''Looks mighty, mighty fine!'' A broad and piggish grim emerged upon his face as he uttered the words. His eye fell on a dyed, woolen scarf and instantly his eyebrows arched high. Making a fist out of his gloved hand Astros added dramatic effect by mock biting down on the top of it. ''Phhhhheeeww! That's a mighty, mighty fine scarf!'' Without preamble he casually picked it up and smelled it, inhaling deeply. ''I can even smell the sheep!'' Taking a brief moment to really rub and finger the fabric Astros ended up wrapping the scarf around his bullish neck. Allowing the two ends to drape and dangle on either side of his face.

The merchant smelled a deal and quickly dove into a flurry of compliments and cited the benefits of wool and the origins of the scarf. The casual grin quickly started to fade from the hulking Noble's face. Astros's eyes cast down and beheld the ground as he bit his lower lip pensively. He breathed in once, deeply, and slowly let it out again. ''We seem, to have a misunderstanding.'' Each word deliberately uttered and with each one, the volume rose. Ending with a very expressive ''Mis-Understan-Ding!''. His eyes no longer on the ground but bored into the Merchant's. He lazily licked his front teeth.

''What!'' A vile smirk passed over Astros's features. ''Is the third Law of the Veiled Goddess?!'' The merchant was equal parts startled and dismayed.  He stammered as he tried to regain his mental footing. ''Come now!'' Astros barked. ''It's easy! What is the Third Law of the Veiled Goddess?! Speak!'' The display made grander and more public as Astros spread his big arms wide as if to invite all other bystanders to witness. The merchant began to form words in his mouth in a rush yet failed to make a legible answer. A pleading look crept into his eyes. ''What did you just say!?'' Astros leaned closer for theatrical effect. ''Was that your -final- answer?!'' The vile smirk returned. Astros turned away from the merchant and addressed the small crowd that had gathered. Shrugging apologetically ''The man doesn't know the Third Law of the Veiled Goddess!'' Both hands rose into the air. ''How is that possible? How?!'' Taking on the posture of a sage, deep in thought, Astros rubbed his chin while looking back at the merchant. Taking a que from the lull in words, the merchant pleaded. ''I'm sorry, I truly am. I'll study her words from this day on. Every night and every morning. Really I'll know her Laws by heart!'' Eyes darting from Astros to the crowd and back again.

Shaking his big, bald head, several lines formed on Astros's forehead. ''That! is not enough!'' A huge malevolent grin split his face in two. The heavy stubble on his chin contrasting with the shiny skin that covered his skull. ''How could it?! You didn't know the Third Law of the Veiled Goddess.'' The words ringing with a certain finality. ''There can be but one! Punishment, that can apply!'' He motioned his men over and directed them to grab the merchant. ''A straight ticket to the Goddess herself!'' Bending his knees as he said the words and pointing at the sky. As if he announced the date for a big celebration. His grin mean like a predator knowing he's going to make a kill. Seeing some of the people standing around covering their mouths in shock Astros faked being surprised at their reaction. ''Don't you worry good people! I know. I know it's not enough. I'll make it all well again, don't you worry.'' The toothy grin returned. ''-All- of these here goods, will be donated, to the faith.'' Smug and contend with his own words Astros placed a caring hand upon the stall's counter.

With the theatrics over Astros fiddled with the scarf a bit as he devoured an apple while watching his men string the poor merchant up from a nearly tree. The goods and the stall? They were conveniently taken to Astros's camp, never to be seen again.