Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 6185 times)


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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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A little RP written after a fight against Undead. Most units got pretty much wiped.

After the Battle

Brushing off after the battle in Cjelegy, Astros found that he was surrounded not only by dusty bones where the skin was taut like leather, stacked in heaps, but that under said heaps of long dead corpses, a flow of crimson cut the soil like a small river. Turning his bull neck and looking behind him Astros saw but two of his men still standing. Panting heavily and covered in gore and grim they were the only two remaining. The rest lay either dead or well on their way towards death. Squeezing the two handed grip of his massive greatsword Astros felt anger. His jaw clenched and his eyes screamed murder. In frustration he kicked over a nearby stack of now, permanently dead, bone.

''You dead F*ck! You damn dead teeth clatterers! Why couldn't you just stay dead the -First- Time!'' In a fit of rage and spare energy, wherever he had summoned it from a mystery, Astros vented and unleashed his anger on the dead.