Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 4992 times)


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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Some responses to Astros's behavior on the battlefield. All due credit go to the players that wrote it. They all have my thanks for enriching the story. Enjoy.

Roleplay from Yxevarii Auru'in   

As Herald-Inquisitor Yxevarii observed the battlefield of Cjelegy, distant Astros could be seen covered in the excretions of both living and dead, panting like a tired old dog. Only two of his men remained standing where countless others had fallen. A somewhat ridiculous greatsword rose slowly as Astros futilely kicked at the corpses that so recently reduced his men to bloodied heaps of sundered flesh.

''You dead F*ck! You damn dead teeth clatterers! Why couldn't you just stay dead the -First- Time!'' In a fit of wanton rage and wasted energy, Astros unleashed his anger upon the dead with reckless abandon.

Shaking her head, the priestess finished praying for yet another lost soul and plunged a dagger into its waning heart. Better a quick, silent death than to wake and find one's ruptured entrails cast serpentine across a leg severed at the knee. One down; countless more to balm, bless, soothe - and if need be -  liberate from this mortal coil. The din of wailing agony and scattered soldiers did soon overwhelm what she then spoke.

"Save your energy for what lies ahead, young fool... The battle has only just begun. May Obeah have mercy on your soul, for the damned have none to spare."

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint 

Vahanian wiped the dirt, mud, and blood from his face and caught his breath. It had been a long fight, only a handful of his men still stood, some were with the healers and others with the Veiled Goddess. Vahanian accepted a skin of water and looked up at the sky before drinking and muttered. "Obeah grant me strength."

He looked out across the field and saw Astros acting like the child he was screaming and throwing a tantrum. "Save your energy boy. You'll need it later." Vahanian muttered under his breath. He turned and saw Countess Yxevarii watching from a hilltop. He turned to Baldwin and said "Invite her to dine with us tonight, its long past time she and I talked. I will check on the men, and meet you back at camp." Baldwin nodded and hurried off to send the invitation.

Roleplay from Alacrix Galar

Alacrix heave the last wounded on to the cart to be taken to the healers. He pulled out a handkerchief that he had bought on the day he arrived at Rines. He paused to stare at it. He missed his former estate, but the order was given by the Oracle so he had to leave it. He heard a shout in the distance and he saw the infamous Astros bellowing his rage and attacking the undead. “I know how you feel Astros I know.” He began to remember the battle of Greck and how his men were decimated there and on the journey to Rines. In an unusual feeling of kinship he shouted. “BROTHER ASTROS FIND ME AT THE INN I WILL HAVE A FLAGON WAITING FOR YOU!” With that he turned and started the walk back to the healers tent.