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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Ouch, Astros will never be a nice man I fear and this RP is another one of his malevolent deeds. Enjoy the writing.

Damnation, another Confiscation!

Having stopped a small time merchant deeply invested in the wine trade Astros had his captain pour over the man's bills of sale and records of inventory. His men, big and brutish as they were shied away from the yet greater physique of their Master, Astros. He paced deliberately around the merchant's donkey drawn cart. Stuffed with small casks, flasks, bottles and even two full sized wine barrels. Hands early roven over the goods and non to carefully grabbing items left and right. Clinking crude glass containers together to the point of breaking and bringing haphazardly opened bottles to his lips for ''sampling''. Ensuring the authenticity of course.

''This doesn't seem like Melegra noire! No sir, it does -not-!'' A deep sigh accompanied a highly theatrical slump of the shoulders. ''This won't! Do!'' The bullish neck swung the huge head from left to right. ''Not, at, all!'' Indicating the entire cart and contents with his free hand. ''In the name of the Inquisition, I confiscate these goods!'' A wicked glint sparked in Astros's eyes. He saw the growing desperation in the merchant. ''But sir! Good sir.. This is all I have. Its all documented and, and..!'' The poor man's words were cut short by a vicious punch in the stomach.

Astros looked up in mild surprise. ''Well have I ever. Well, Have I ever?!'' A broad grin began to dominate his face. ''Anticipating my every wish captain!'' Several appreciative nods later Astros focused back onto the merchant again. Whom by now had begun to regain his air. ''You do not want me to ask you about the Third Law of the Veiled Goddess, do you?'' Astros leaned in close and stared the now huddling merchant down. ''N..n-nn-no. No good sir.'' The merchant dared to glance up at Astros for a second. ''Good!'' A huge hand whacked the man on the shoulder and was forceful enough to send the diminutive man crashing into a roadside puddle.

Laughter erupted from the band of Brutes as they began to take possession of the wine cart and began to move it along. Before following them Astros planted his steel sabbaton clad foot on the prone merchant's back. ''Don't even think about complaining to the Templars, the Inquisition knows all.'' A murderous look had accompanied the words but it miraculously swift turned into a twisted grin as Astros left the man where he lay. Linking back up with his men, he too joined in on the laughing they did.