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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Hey there and welcome back.
Today I've got a little RP that is about retrospect. That and in a way I wrote it in thanks to the player of the Gildre Family who saw fit to gift 1000 gold for no particularly reason to my character hehe. Here's to you!

After a Night of Feasting

Precariously balancing between the table and the chair Astros was sleeping off last night's drinking bout. The chair ever more straining under the weight of the huge man and the table ever confident that it would never give an inch. The result being that with every heavy breath, the big man pushed himself and the chair a fraction further away from the table and thus, safety. ''Sir?'' The word piercing the dream Astros was having and pulled him out of the dreamscape and into the waking world. A weak gripping left hand sought purchase with the table as something deep in his head told him the world was unstable. A haze of alcohol diluted thoughts cascaded through his mind as his eyes failed to make sense of what was around him.

A loud smack brought about an end to the seemingly ever revolving world and brought with it, a sharp pain. Originating from his chin and quickly spreading across the entire left side of his face. ''Sir?..'' This time far more pensive. ''What?..'' The word formed slowly in Astros' mouth. ''What?!'' More akin to a barking dog as he tried to put more force behind it. Realizing he was on the ground Astros tried to push the chair away that now ensnared him on the floor. Making noise and actually knocking the chair over so that it crashed loudly onto the wooden floorboards.

''What did you wanted us to do again with the chests?'' The tall warrior uttered the words with more uncertainty then befitted his appearance. With broad shoulders, well made armor and a weather-worn face he looked the part of a grizzled fighter yet somehow, he didn't sound the part in the company of his master. A low rumbling noise emanated from Astros' throat as he brought himself to rise to his feet. Supporting himself heavily on the table as he rubbed his face and bald scalp with his spare hand. Rubbing his particularly prominent nose felt especially nice for some unexplainable reasons so he did it a few times over.

Peering through his fingers at the warrior the situation mentally congealed for him. The chests of silver the man had meant. The reason they'd been drinking all night. Celebrating their good fortune to have received such a windfall. ''What about it?'' Astros growled at the warrior. ''Well sir, the innkeeper is getting nervous having so much wealth on display in the main commons room.'' Eyebrows conveyed that a similar concern was shared by the man.

Picking at the sleep that dutifully tried to keep his eyes shut, Astros flicked the stuff at the man. ''Fine! then bring the chests to my estate in Avengmil.'' As blood coursed through the veins on his neck and the side of head Astros felt a pang of insecurity. ''And Don't you [email protected]#$lubbers dare to lose even a single coin of it!'' A murderous look accompanied the words that were part borne from the rising headache Astros felt coupled with a need to smash something in an attempt to alleviate said headache.

So Astros recalled the feasting he and his men had done when they had received the bountiful gift from Lady Jessica of House Gildre. Unable to understand why they were the beneficiary but quick to cease caring all together as mouths filled with copious amounts of alcohol.