Author Topic: The Deeds of Astros Renodin  (Read 4386 times)


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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Hey there and welcome.

Today I have a battle.. well, kind of a fight RP. There was another election for the position of Ruler and with Astros being one of only two contenders, he was particularly unhappy about not winning the election. Here's how he reacts when he gets the news.

Bad News

Passing a roadside Cairn enscribed with a small and crude depiction of a lizard-like creature with wings inside of a house  situated in the bend of a curving line that pointed left, Astros and his men were intercepted by a messenger. The woman rode a simple yet healthy four legged beast. The Noble variety mind you. A coat of hazel brown and bestowed with a jet black snout.

''Sir Astros?'' The messenger lady intoned. Her voice like hammered Iron. Clear and piercing. At the mention of his name Astros looked up at her. The early morning light cast by the dawn sun reflecting white off of his bald scalp. ''Well hello, there.'' An ugly grin revealed his white teeth. The messenger didn't show any sign of emotion as she resolved to refuse the nasty man that pleasure. ''The results of the election are in.'' She stuck out a sealed scroll and Astros took it. Curious he thought, as his eyes informed him that the messenger remained. Did they finally see reason? His fingers carelessly broke the seal and saw the solidified wax fall among the weeds below.

Eyes scanning the parchment as it unfurled in his hands. His jaw came ajar, his nostrils flared and an angry sound started to rise from the depths of his throat. A private smirk was treasured by the lady messenger as she readied to depart. Skillfully handling the reins that controlled her steed. Mid turn and almost out of harms way it happened. Astros threw the parchment away. It dove into a bramble bush ripe with raspberries and thick with ferns. Before she could react and with her flank exposed, Astros unleashed his anger in the form of murderous steel. His massive hands gripped the black handle of his greatsword and in a display of rage and monstrosity that silenced even his most vile followers he hacked at the woman that had brought him the fateful news. She barely saw the blow coming. The greatsword entered her body at the right shoulder and sliced all the way down to her hips. Rending skin, muscle, bone and clothes. Her silent scream captured only by her face of fright. Lungs unable to produce the air or volume as they too were cleft.

As her feet were snug in the stirrups the lower part of her body remain in the saddle as the top part, now awkwardly top heavy, lurched to the left side. As gravity pulled, what remained of the connection of top and bottom half, tore apart. Blood squired under pressure and a fine yet sticky, crimson mist burst forth in a tiny cloud at the very moment the two halves were finally and completely separated.

A red fresco of droplets of messenger blood grimly decorated Astros' face as he turned to his men. Right before the muffled crash of the messenger's body hit the ground below. Wordlessly he stuck his tongue out and beheld his men with madman's eyes. Many of which averted their eyes and couldn't stand to meet such insanity head on. Was it insanity or was it something else. They didn't know and none of them wished to find out for real.

The rest of the day was spend in quiet avoidance. None spoke of the event and they all dutifully followed their master to the battlefields of Avengmil.