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Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
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Hey there!
A little continuation of the previous RP. Allowing plot hooks for other players. That was my intention.

Some more Bad News

A drum and flute indicated the arrangement of the defense in Avengmil. Steady and sharp as they mingled. A puffy officer of the army strutted over to where Astros and his men were stationed along the palisade. ''Stationed'' being a broad term for they were merely hanging around a given section of the flimsy defensive structure closest to a tavern they fancied. Its proprietor held mixed feelings about this for his own reasons. One being a steady inflow of coins from Astros and his men but on the other hand, they kept other customers largely at bay with their presence. Making his establishment their de facto headquarters.

''Sir Astros?'' The pig nosed officer declared as his beady eyes studied the much larger man before him. Astros felt anger rise in his gut like a slow tide. He turned to face the officer whom he instantly, immensely loathed. The officer's prim voice was already grating against his nerves. ''Yes, I do suppose you fit the description..'' The officer muttered just a little too loudly as he pulled his nose up at Astros. ''You are to hold here as the Beasts advance.'' A clammy hand produced a thin, stick-like finger that somehow still managed to scream the word piggish. It indicated the palisade right next to them. ''Pointing out the obvious eh? Porkstubbs!'' A voice came from among the throng of Astros's warriors.

The fatty officer's cheeks flushed. ''Who said that!'' His voice pitched. ''Who! I demand it!'' He raised his chin imperiously and half turned which caused a curl of his hair to come free in a most unseemly wayward manner. Rolling his shoulders Astros managed to shift the heavy metal pauldrons that framed his head and guarded his upper arms. ''Run along, little man.'' Astros's voice was utterly calm but laced with barely contained malignance. Startled at the promise and stepping back as he realized, the puffy officer stared with eyes wide open as he saw the throng of men come alive as a single creature. Borne from wrath and sniffing the scent of fear. Astros's men stirred and moved, nay, flowed around the officer. Taking another two steps back the officer didn't wait for what would come next and turned sharply about and all but ran away.

The ensuing battle, if you wanted to call it that, was over before it truly began. The beasts ran towards the palisades but none of them made it. All died due to the iron rain that fell upon them. Sprung from the bows of the faithful.

Afterwards however, Astros was informed of something perhaps far more dangerous. His little outburst on the road to Avengmil had been witnessed. The Lady messenger that he had murdered. Hacked in two you could say. Several commoners had seen him do it. One was a bee keeper inspecting the ''grazing'' grounds of his bees. Another was a lumberjack while the third was a traveling scribe, about to take up a new posting with a local magistrate.

Thoughts raced through Astros' mind. He then growled at the warrior that had informed him. ''It doesn't matter! They wouldn't dare wag their tongues.'' He knew they might, it made him angry. A foul mood that endured all throughout that day.