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Re: Morale changes
« Reply #30: October 08, 2018, 10:51:10 PM »
Not sure if here is the correct place to ask, but has the morale settings for rogue units been changed in the last couple years? I seem to recall it being easier for archers to break monster/undead morale in battle. If memory serves, taking a few rounds of fire while closing to melee was usually enough for a comparatively smaller force of archers to break them.

Monster - yes. It's still pretty easy, I haven't really noticed the change (other than archer code change that made archers silly).

Undead - iirc they never flee. Never ever. Makes sense if you  think about it - wildlife would run from certain death but why on earth would undead run from anything. You played Lich Queen on EC, you tell me if she'd run from battle. :P
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