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Re: Bugtracker bug
« Topic Start: November 22, 2017, 04:27:22 PM »
Mantis application warning #2702 is just it saying there's a session mismatch between the user and the server. I can't find anything really going into detail on, besides the fact that it's been fixed as a bug in multiple versions, to include a bug fixing it for the version BM runs (which is old as dirt, for the record).

As for the bug itself, in regards to the game...

select P.ID from Players P left join Tournaments T on P.ID=T.Maker where'yes' and P.ID!=5070 and P.Status in ('tournament','aftertour') and P.Location= or (T.ID is not NULL and P.ID!=5070 and'yes') ORDER BY CharacterName ASC

"P.Location= or" is missing the thing it should be equal to, which means a variable isn't getting passed, possibly because the player id in question doesn't actually have a location? I'm not sure what player id means in relation to BM, though. I'd probably need a chart to wrap my head around how it works sometimes.
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