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Re: Annual Check-In
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...Now, are we crazy enough to actually create this guild? Should I? No point to it, though, I mean... Screw it, why not emulate a medieval fantasy dating service? Its always a pain to find someone you'd actually enjoy marrying/courting in-game. This might make for some... Interesting... Results. Possibly game-changing, what with the politics/interactions of nobles who wouldn't typically have contact with one another.

Or, we could go the sheer hilarity route and have all guild communication be assumed to be anonymous, and it effectively be a place for people to step out of their proverbial armor and be... Whatever. Silly. Crazy. Apolitical. Saucy. What-have-you.

Either way, this actually sounds pretty entertaining.

Not on Dwilight, please. It’s hard enough maintaining SMA.

Agreed. Funny as it is.

Although, if you put a lot of effort into it, you could keep it SMA by making it a very serious service/organization geared toward debuting young and important noblemen/women for marriage prospects? It could involve whole courting processes, dowries, the usual political implications/intrigue, etc.
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