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Re: Annual Check-In
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Turn it into a high-society ritual for the young and upcoming. Charge a wicked fee/gain favors in exchange for helping unmarried nobles meet their match by actually analyzing personality data given by said prospects. Just compile a simple database of said profiles and use the search function to sift through same-similar profiles, or/and whatever said prospect claim to desire.

If said match is sponsored by a "higher" party, we can charge extra to their parents/guardians/leaders/priests/whatever to streamline the process by eliminating undesireables as per their dictation - a sort of compromise between what the prospect wants and what their hosts desire. Typical medieval matchmaking. Maybe a fee to provide a particular number of prospects direct to either bride/groom or said marital tyrants, or an under-the-table fee to completely bypass certain criteria as a compromise more suitable for the bride/groom / hosts.

The options are limitless, and if properly applied, would not violate SMA. All we'd be doing is compiling data, asking a few questions, and presenting prospects to suitors.

Of course, if you want us to actually arbitrate the process rather than just do your homework for you, we charge extra for that too.

Ps, we get dibs on feast/drinks. Marriages make for great networking opportunities. Hello, future clientele! Nice bouquet you caught there... How much is it worth it to make your dreams come true?
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