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Re: Annual Check-In
« Reply #30: December 06, 2017, 12:30:02 PM »
...Unfortunately, my Dwilight character speaks broken English in 3rd person perspective.

...Dear Gods, that would be the most HILARIOUS person to found this whole endeavor.

Perth, want to go 50/50 on this? I need someone who can speak proper Engrish so Masalu doesn't scare off all the fancy-schmancy high-borns.

Screw facebook, twitter, tinder, youtube...

We need some properly fancy, authoritarian, respectable, high-society name for the guild.

I'm thinking the fluffy sort of proud stuff you'd expect.

Like... Cmon brain, give me a random sentence...

Matchmaker's Guild is too generic.

Marital Brokers? Marital Mediators... The Highborn Marital Society? Marital Mediators of the Highborn Society...?
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