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Re: Annual Check-In
« Reply #30: December 06, 2017, 01:05:38 PM »
...Unfortunately, my Dwilight character speaks broken English in 3rd person perspective.

...Dear Gods, that would be the most HILARIOUS person to found this whole endeavor.

Perth, want to go 50/50 on this? I need someone who can speak proper Engrish so Masalu doesn't scare off all the fancy-schmancy high-borns.

Screw facebook, twitter, tinder, youtube...

We need some properly fancy, authoritarian, respectable, high-society name for the guild.

I'm thinking the fluffy sort of proud stuff you'd expect.

Like... Cmon brain, give me a random sentence...

Matchmaker's Guild is too generic.

Marital Brokers? Marital Mediators... The Highborn Marital Society? Marital Mediators of the Highborn Society...?

Most Honourable Society of Debutantes and Bachelors
Most Excellent Society of Eligible Ladies and Gallant Gentlemen
Highborn Society for Introductions


Crufts for Nobles


Or you just name it after the founders. Just like you've got Burke's Peerage for the list of peerages in England, you could have the [Insert Family Name]'s Introductions Society.