Author Topic: The Life of a Bastard - Assorted RPs of Hrafn Skovgaard  (Read 2745 times)

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Sordidus strategies in Sordidus.

Hrafn heard the ravens crowing, filling the night while a shiver ran down his spine. Hours later he would receive the scribe with reports that magic was being used before the battle. While he surveyed the wounded and tried to cheer up a little the ones who would fight again in a few moments, he thought about how many lies he would have to swallow. How much stupidity and cheap talk had been thrown down the throats of simple Knights who thought that obeying stupid orders was honorable and glorious. They wouldn't need to be giving their lives and that of their soldiers unnecessarily, but for them that was the ultimate honor: obeying a stupid order and dying for it. Mistakes happens, they say... how to ignore the fact that there was as a damn moat and a palisade on their way!?

They had said that if it were not for the use of magic, Garas would never be kicked out of Oligarch. Well, Garas was no longer in Oligarch, but magic was still being used systematically against him. Not that a traitor did not deserve, but what's the merit in being a liar!? What is the merit of using freeman to do your dirty work when your incompetence does not allow you to win battles even in greater numbers? Garas not only betrayed Sirion, but also killed any trace of honor that had remained in the Sirionites in the process. Only one man had been able to expose who they truly were willing to be to keep their positions of power.

Hrafn: "Fortunately the General has Trinbar to go back in. It may be useful for him to visit the false prophet and ask for a good ritual to help him in the next battles, at least he has a parasite with whom to advise himself."

Captain Rita: "I hope for you and your marriage, Sire. We have to get out of here while we can... whatever your father did, we obviously do not live in the paradise he built..."
Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
Serpentis again!