Author Topic: The Life of a Bastard - Assorted RPs of Hrafn Skovgaard  (Read 2666 times)

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RPs among Hrafn and Sigrid - I believe you can read her part in her own RP section ;)

Sigrid barely notices Hrafn until she practically rams him from behind.

Hrafn felt the push and turned back in surprise, his hand almost reaching the dagger in his belt. The fire in her hair blinded him for a moment and his hand weakened, almost like his legs. The beauty of the two was contrasting, since Hrafn had a more taciturn charm. His angular face showed a sharp but timid curiosity. The black eyes under arched eyebrows gave him almost an stern look, but his black hair, shaggy like a crow's wing was the sign of a jovial and casual image. As usual, he was in his eternal mourning for the Alfather, dressed in black with crow feathers adorning his cape. His forehead still had traces of sweat as if he had fought an arduous battle just a few hours earlier, so the white skin was a little red, more so after he had found Sigrid like that, so abruptly. Like every bastard of Erik, half-elf, half-human, half royalty, half religious, Hrafn had his father's draconian eyes, certainly not the same color, but the same transient intensity. When he saw her, that force flowed and it was as if he could spread his arms like wings and burn Avamar with a breath of fire. After a little embarrassing indecision, he bowed respectfully, looking at Ferdinand and then at Sigrid. Maybe it was Erik pushing him subtly, because this time he spoke directly to her.

Hrafn: "Lady Sigrid, I didn't expect to meet you here, so abruptly - and as if there was nothing more to say, he reached out his hand in an invitation - Please, come with me. This is my father's city... it was, at least. I know everything here. I'd like to show you a place before we have to leave to Montijo."

Like a proud raven, he straightened up and looked no further at Ferdinand or the broken-nosed Captain, his eyes courting her lips for a moment. He wanted to show her the gardens and the statues. The architecture of the old harems, everything that had been imported from the Sultanate and from other conquered realms. But mostly, he wanted to talk to her alone. Be with her alone.
Now with the Skovgaard Family... and it's gone.
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