Author Topic: The Life of a Bastard - Assorted RPs of Hrafn Skovgaard  (Read 2664 times)

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"Likewise, Hrafn. Didn't mean for you to see that... [email protected]#$ happens, eh? Sometimes a man's got to be put in his place lest he grow accustomed to overstepping potentially lethalboundaries...."

Politely and subtly, Hrafn drew back the hand he had offered. Touching her seemed a daring beyond limits, so he just gently turned his body so they could walk the market side by side. Anyway, the "[email protected]#$ happens" brought a smile to his lips. Listening to a Lady speaking like one of the Bastards was a good sign.

Hrafn: "I'll show you the ruins of what was once Sirion's greatest duchy, with Avamar being the heart of an idealized kingdom within the Republic... maybe I can entertain you and make you forget any worries."

That was not a simple walk. Though a little shy, Hrafn was smart enough to make his court and use Avamar in his favor. Walking with her through the market, he stopped first in a shop that sold and repaired second-hand lutes. He reached his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins; the pieces were minted with Erik's head with a turban. The coins were no longer worth in Sirion, except to the right people. With a limited lot, those commemorative coins had their own floating value. The young crow picked out the instrument that suited him best and smiled at Sigrid, leading her to the street again, to a tent that was selling fresh fruits. Again, he reached his pocket and opened his hand to the saleswoman's surprise. It seemed she had seen a ghost. Her lips were paralyzed until she could whisper:

Saleswoman: "My Sultan, you can take what you want... it's everything yours... my life is at your hands"

It was Hrafn's turn to be surprised and look at his own hand. Among the coins was an exotic trinket: a transparent crystal globe containing an eyeball. He quickly closed his hand, slipped it back into his pocket hoping that no one else had seen it. He took a basket of pears and grapes to continue his walk, hoping Sigrid hadn't paid attention, after all, she might not know what that eye meant. He looked at her and forced a smile, continuing the walk. He was taking her to the old harems, away from the eyes of the new Margrave of Avamar. Many bastards were still infiltrated in the local administration and Hrafn was counting on them to clear the way. A few nods, some secret gestures and they passed through the huge worn-out columns of age-worn marble covered with ivy. He crossed a threshold once protected by eunuchs and entered the immense hall with old fountains, now everything taken over by natural gardens that drank the sunlight that fell through a fallen piece of the ceiling. He cleaned a stone bench with his cape so they could sit, waiting for her to do it first.

Hrafn: "Let me entertain you before they send us back to bleed in Sordidus..."
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