Author Topic: Restoring a legacy - Jeffrey Birkenheads journeys  (Read 372 times)


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Restoring a legacy - Jeffrey Birkenheads journeys
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Dark clouds were gathering on the horizon, a towering, black shape in front of an ever reddening sky. Jeffrey Birkenhead, youngest son of Severin Birkenhead, knew what that meant.

After King's Spiral, a splendid, but, in comparison to others in Askileon, small estate, went vacant, Severin Birkenhead managed to call in old favors to secure it for Jeffrey, just as he came of age - a fitting gift indeed, and a token of appreciation from his father. The Birkenhead family is scattered far and wide, despite the wishes of patriarch Severin. Frederic Birkenhead, for example, pledged allegiance to the king of Predan on the East Continent, seeking a life of conquest and power, and for that, he even stole from his father! Jeffrey decided to stay, and got rewarded handsomely; along with the estate, he got put in charge of a squad of archers, named "The Birkenarrows", and a brand new set of banners, one showing the insignia of Luria Nova, and the other... Or, a per pale purpure, over all a pegasus passant vert - the heraldry of the Birkenhead family.

The winds began to grow harsh. The crew tried to take in the sails of the ferry, but the wind suddenly picked up considerably; they struggled. Half of the Birkenarrows were hanging over the railing, their moans inaudible as the waves crash against the bow of the ship. The storm went on, shaking them, up, down, back, forth, brine was splashing all over deck, those on it were soaked, those below probably got seasick, and the wind was howling, the elements pulled on the ferry, but the crew knew their ship and waters.

The Birkenhead family once had been grand, but over the last decades, was facing a steady decline in power and members. Jeffrey wanted to change that. Coincidentally, at the time of him being put in charge of the Birkenarrows, the reconquest of Shinnen was to be taking place soon. but for that, he had to travel to a city he had never been to before, a city of tales, said to be spottable from the highest towers of Askileon with a spyglass or similar, the Great City.


After the storm died down, the light of the moon's reflection turned the sea into an expanse of stars, and on the horizon, no longer shrouded by clouds, was the capital of Luria. Here he'd recruit more men. Here he'd probably meet the emperor himself.

Here he'd take the next step into his future.