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Summer/Fall 2017 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: October 25, 2017, 01:59:56 AM »

  • "Ancient Documents" adventurer item got a function.
  • A judge can yell to all prisoners at once
  • Using wiki links on guild/religion boards
  • Some additional statistics for Army Sponsors
  • Rebuild a ruined temple
  • Region exchange clarifications
  • Include region name when someone sacks your guildhouse
  • Addition of a "total" line on hunting summaries
  • Routefinder to rogue/Netherworld regions available again
  • A delaying status was added when delaying your arrival while travelling
  • Some more information was added to the disband militia screen
  • Item condition on sage page when repairing item
  • Better message sent to new players on joining realm
  • Improve display of available and unavailable targets for infiltrators going to assalistt
  • Using wiki links on army descriptions
  • Solution for many banker-market related food issues
  • Ability to cancel sailing

Bug fixes

  • Sorting guild locations made uniform
  • Referendum calclistations were fixed
  • Prevent automatic region referendum to be shown twice
  • Repair equipment sholistd no longer give weird choices
  • Estate tax estimate sholistd now clearly report what's the amount you'll be left with and what's the lord share upon choosing an estate
  • Religion taxes fix, gold will now be correctly added to temple treasuries
  • Account page fixes
  • Some behind the screen modernizations of Tournament pages
  • Many different minor bug fixes
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