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Re: Estate Improvements
« Reply #15: December 20, 2017, 06:22:21 PM »
  • Smithy - Get your blacksmith to repair 10% of equipment damage for free (can only be used once per week) - using this shouldn't be the equivalent of having a full blown repair workshop, it should only give you a limited benefit

--Now this is a useless feature. 10% a week? That is pathetic. Why bother going back when you can just repair your equipment cheaply. I'd rather take 100% once a week over this.

  • Chapel - Hold prayers at the chapel to restore unit morale to 100% for free (takes a large number of hours) - you can already do something similar by visiting a temple of your faith but knights shouldn't be able to build temples

--Honestly, I don't see the merit of this. It is so easy to keep your morale at 100% in this game this feature is pointless.

  • Training Ground - Train your sword/jousting skill for free (equivalent to free training sessions with a Normal academy trainer) - this would only be for martial skills rather than anything else as it's not the same as a full blown academy with a wide range of tutors

-This has to be expensive unless we are planning on making all characters start off at 40% which I do not mind actually so people can't just go around bullying others after spending weeks training.

  • Hunting Chase (rural/woodland/mountain regions only) - Allows you to recruit one of your huntsmen as a scout (can only be used once per week)
  • Craftsman (townsland/city/stronghold regions only) - Allows you to get them to make two free banners for your unit (can only be used once per week)
  • Mill/Workshop - Gives your estate +15% efficiency, this means you get an extra income which your liege can tax, but it gets negated by the existing mechanics if the estate is vacated

-Pretty sure efficiency never got implemented. Unless you are going to finish it I don't see any merit of this feature.

  • Guardhouse - Daily cost of your unit is halved while you're in the same region as your estate due to being able to quarter your unit in it - if you then choose to spend your hours doing police work or whatever then that's up to you

-Kinda useless unless you have an estate in a city and has a huge unit.

Smithy: 10% per week means you can't use it as a substitute for going to a city but you can use it as a FREE way to repair some equipment damage. Though perhaps instead it could just be restricted to being 5% damage repaired and only able to be used once per day instead.

Chapel: Sure, keeping morale high is easy. But this is basically the equivalent of a free entertainment option and building a chapel should be quite cheap. So if players really want to build one (and a chapel is the kind of building you'd expect to have on an estate) then they'd be able to do so - equally, if they think it's a waste of money then they don't have to build one. That being said though, perhaps it might be better to have the Chapel give a smaller morale boost but also give a cohesion boost, that might be more useful.

Training Ground: Let's say it costs 120 gold to build a training ground on your estate. That's a lot compared to the cost of a few training sessions at the academy. So the only way you'd be able to both build this and get the benefit of it is if you've got plenty of time to sit around on your estate training. And, let's be honest, how often exactly do nobles have the free time to just go back to their estates and spend weeks there? Not very often at all and never in wartime. So it's nonsense to say this would basically mean that every char started off with 40% ability. Besides, how could chars bully others just because they've got a higher skill level? It's not like you're OBLIGED to accept duel challenges or anything...

Mill/Workshop: If efficiency never got implemented then I'd aim to implement it as part of this feature. The alternative is to go back to the idea of this improvement giving a tax income boost of X gold per week.

Guardhouse: How is it useless exactly? It'd mean a big saving in unit costs (even 25 gold per week is a significant difference for the average knight) and I'm not sure why you seem to think that people would only want to hang around in cities if they've got time to spare...